Tale about the counter (transference) in therapy :)


— Understand, doctor — the beginning of the thin woman in the chair — I 30 days ago buried my mother. And feel nothing about it. Is this normal?

it was the Second time the customer called me doctor. But I just family psihoterapevt, dear professional with experience more than twenty years. And this morning my wife is gone

she was Alzheimer. The last 11 years my client has continued. — I was caring all this time for her own. Not handed over to the institution. Recent years have been especially hard: she was crying all the time.

— Continue. What do You feel now? — mechanically I say.

"what I feel now? Why did she do it? Was I a bad husband?" — my thoughts rushing stream.

— don't feel Anything. I told you. I'm 42 years old. I have no children, no family. No work really. I have not worked all these years. Menopause has already begun. In our family it early, the client threw a leg over the other, and looked out of the window.

I looked. I'm tired. I was completely uninteresting that says that skinny, ugly woman. I wanted to close my eyes and disappear.

I feel sorry for HER? Or feeling sorry for yourself? Or should hate his mother, stole me the most is the color of life? What do you say, doctor? — client doesn't let up, obviously expecting a reply from me.

"I Wonder if she went to another? Or away from me? I was a marriage counselor whose marriage fell apart today. Finally I became a shoemaker without shoes."

are You all right?

I responded to the woman's voice, not understanding her last words, and stared at her.

— Yes. You're all right. You are worried about the death of his mother, for he instinctively waited for that every day. Death was sudden — she was sick for over 10 years. Some emotional numbness quite natural for such situations.

My client sighed with relief. I saw the smooth muscles of her face. Took the tension from the body. As she ran her hand through his hair, like a young coquette. How smiled a little. I felt the longing, and something else.

— Let's get after the consultation, we go out for coffee or dinner?

His voice I heard as if from the outside.

did I SAY That? Or just a THOUGHT?

But the road back was not: a woman stretches the body forward, takes my hand, and playful looks you in the eye.

— come on, doctor! THIS ought to help!

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