Tales - legends

Tales of legend are the embodiment of wisdom, strength, courage, and commitment, knowledge and mind.
They are symbolic in nature, allowing the children to evaluate their actions in life. Semantic index of books create images that give the visual perception of reading.
the Energy that permeated the book, gives a person the opportunity to assess your position, review your lifestyle and make the emphasis where it is needed. Dignity is to evaluate and disadvantages – to deny. Monologue story with a picture determines human consciousness, like the communication of man with nature. The ability to control this relationship will help him get through those moments where it lacks. The state of the soul will find its use in your purpose. Politics thoughts as you read and see determines his consciousness. Self-mastery, that is your mind, will restore him and bring him to the state standards. Jewel of the book is that it is available according to their perception of adult and child. The child adult will be able to find a common language when reading this book that gives a firming effect in their communication. Mosaic soul is available to everyone. Who can understand the meaning of life and to improve your soul crystal will help understanding it. It carries a positive charge, serves to strengthen all the qualities of life, where there are mistakes. This book can be called the psychology of mind or thought. Only positive thoughts produce results and the results are positive. Good luck and enjoy your reading.

Author and artist: Filippov (Kharitonov) Etc.

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