Тамарико и ее мужчины. Часть 1. Тамарико.

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In old Tbilisi, at a time when in some yards still played backgammon and dried linens in the streets, growing up in those places wide-eyed girl with two long black braids.

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And eyes and hair inherited from her mother – a dark-eyed beauty with an extraordinary article.

Proud high with a turned-up chin, a Georgian all went as said by the relatives, his grandmother.

a grandmother in the village where she moved to Tbilisi, already a married woman, was legendary.

Someone said matchmaker her Prince of an ancient race, but the arrogant woman refused, choosing Russian military, and someone attributed to her spells, telling stories about what broke it is not one man's heart.

the Mother, looking at the younger girl just shook his head: "Eeeh, Babkina blood!" and sighed, hoping that inquisitive mind will bring the daughter to the people, knowing that surrounded by your fiance she is not found.

Georgian bride should be flexible, and become a mistress, she can show the character without fear of losing the respect of her in-laws.

"Wisdom to you daughter" - said the mother, smoothing disheveled braids daughter, and again surrendered to her pleas, letting go to run around the streets with the neighborhood boys.

Tamara didn't grow up as girls in Georgian families with old traditions and all because the family and her mother and her own was only half Georgian.

Traces of a Russian grandfather, upset the wedding of the grandmother and the education of a Russian father in conjunction with the donors, donated by the air of the mountains and the genes of proud women, of which there were many in the family on the maternal side, gave the young Tamariko inquisitive mind and a vicious nature.

an Explosive mixture of Georgian aristocracy with the Russian love of freedom did the trick, giving Tamara a truly Royal manners, quaint old spirit.

If this black-eyed girl could predict your fate, would have been surprised to not believing in the possibility of such an amazing weave pattern.

Nurtured by the mountain air and tempered cold waters of the sea of Tbilisi, the young Tamariko, reaching adulthood, was not married, as could be expected, and is sent to Russia to study and find his father-a military man who once had the temerity to fall in love with the bottomless eyes of her mother.

Leaving one day, Alexander Stepanovich did not return.

for years, the mother of Tamara remembered the tall Russian beauty, who once bribed her maiden's heart.

Mother Tamara is fully devoted himself to his daughter, three-year plan explaining that the Pope "went on a business trip and will be back", and, judging by the failed attempts of her people to get her hand and heart, her heart ever left old streets, rushing over her lover.

Only the part of her heat that was left, was completely given to his daughter.

the Mother, who opened once for himself completely different world, thanks to his Russian husband, sincerely hoped that her daughter learns that life of which she only heard and read in books.

Because as soon as the daughter entered the period seventeenth birthday, the mother, providing her with everything necessary, accompanied by an old neighbor who had Russian roots, sent her to find my destiny in the big Russian city that lies on the banks of the Neva.

you need at Tamariko was an old suitcase left over from her father, a couple of light dresses and even underwear that it should be a decent girl, a few favorite books and those of savings, which her prudent mother had collected all the years that she lived with the hope for the return of her husband.

Accompanied by her daughter on the train and kissed goodbye on the forehead, the mother, holding back tears, he admonished: "take Care of yourself and respect! Remember your dignity and bring only those who you dear and who loves you!".

having Said so, mother, put in the hands of young Tamara envelope, taking her word that she will open it only when the first time it happens, the situation of which there will be no output.

With such a straightforward Luggage Tamariko went to his adult life.

Serdyuk Alevtina
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