Тамарико и ее мужчины. Глава 3. «Судьбоносный букет» или Серебристая ленточка.


Time flies fast and Tamarochka, while in Leningrad it is so often called, quickly settled into a cold stone city.

Tamara of the "mountain goat" has turned into a confident interesting woman, able to speak just one eyebrow movement.

Tamarkin's eyebrow became a byword. Men retreated in all situations, only when he saw the gesture of the eyebrow that signaled the Tamarin perturbation.

But overall not a muscle did not flinch at Tamarkina face and no gesture would not show the dissatisfaction of gardecki with Eastern blood, for, after all brought up Tamara was so that gave the man palm.

Here's a mix was obtained from children's education, the grandmother of genes and experience life on the banks of the Neva.

Tamara fully lived up to its Regal name, and all nature is her only got stronger in the urban environment, taking from it new traits and habits.

One of these became addicted to cigarettes.

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But Tamara was Smoking so seamlessly and made it so relaxed and feminine that it gave her a special charm, and not how much begged her to women's dignity.

Tamara was a notable and interesting. She miraculously developed the ability to find common language with different people, through which she had many friends. This circumstance contributed to the fact that Tamara was a so-called "connection".

It has become popular among market traders, and among children and women, that was not the last thing, because to incur the disfavor of the latest meant to part forever with the reputation of a decent man.

the Old woman in those days was a real Bureau of information, services and reputation, so that, we can say that Tamariko "on stream".

Quickly got acquainted with the employees of the market and winning their love, Tamara, and she was engaged in the sale, but not fruit and vegetables, as the majority, and colors.

a Young, brisk and edgy, the word exotic flower, she created a lovely fragrant arrangement of flowers, wrapping them in the unknown where found purple paper and tying with a yellow ribbon.

In this seemingly random gesture manifested entrepreneurial spirit, Tamara. The color of the wrapper and the ribbon on the delicate bouquets have quickly become her trademark.

People on the streets began to learn bouquets, and word of mouth quickly praised the young woman with very good taste.

that's one bouquet I decided Tamarino fate.

it was winter, and flowers in the winter in those days was a rarity. Here on this and played once again Tamarina enterprise.

Tamara, with the permission of their "second parents" (as she was called some time sheltered her O. M. and Margarita Pavlovna) in her assigned room, with lamps for more light has created a mini-greenhouse, where it was kept lovely plants.

Some of the flowers she grew herself, and some got out through a friend.

Each bunch tight she was tied with a ribbon and inside put a small piece of paper with the address and telephone number.

this simple commercial move and has defined its further destiny.

one winter day in New year's eve, Tamariko went to the other end of the city for new flowers. She wanted to add something new to their masterpieces and enhance the Christmas mood.

this time she decided to make two ribbons – yellow and the new year and silver, but they had yet to get together with some flowers and then came to the aid of "connection".

Tamariko remembered as a merchant of fabrics boasted that he has silver brocade, inherited from a relative. This dealer was a countryman Tamara and she came up with a way to convince located to her countrymen.

most recently, she received from his mother the package with the dishes of Georgian cuisine and of course with homemade wine.

the Tide enough wine, she went to the other end of the city, to negotiate, and, at the same time, she also planned to buy silver branch unknown to her plant which she had seen only in the flowerbeds.

the Road was familiar. Slow bus drove Tamara without any problems.

she also successfully brokered the deal, increasing the speed of the event, flicking a raised black eyebrow.

the Merchant of fabrics so touched by the gift, or maybe just drunk, they tasted pretty gift, that he gave Tamara the whole piece of brocade which he had.

this large piece you can make ribbons not one of the New year!

after securing the fabric with bouquets taken on the road of flowers, the enterprising young lady went to get a silver branch. Them she once saw in one big shop as a decoration.

How she will be able to get them, Tamara had no idea but was absolutely sure that I will find a way.

But confidence in the company, even if the method is not yet known, it is 50% of success!

Arriving in the big luxury shop, Tamara began to look around the sides and to look at the first showcase, and then sellers. The last little resembled those whom she knew in the Bazaar.

- the Intellectuals - thought Tamariko myself.

But as I looked closer she realized that in his manner to sell, they are not too different from herself and her friends.

the Difference was clothes that resembled a shape, and the like chepcov in the hair. In General appearance they resembled the flight attendants and the same cute smile and like a delayed manner, slowly "warming up" buyer. They did it in a slightly cold, detached manner, as if, they didn't care to be buying.

the Counter of one of these clerks was all decorated with silver branches that Tamara had intended to get for their bouquets.

he Came closer, Tamara was just about to ask how and where you can get this miracle.

with a Confident gait, a roll of fabric at her shoulder moved to "silver" the counter, not carrying overweight bags with bouquets.

At this point, from the corner came out with the same confident gait of a tall brunette in a fur hat. On the way he gave orders. It was the store Manager.

Business and busy and he noticed that Tamara chose him a trajectory, and Tamara in turn was deprived of a lateral view because of the cut brocade and bouquets.

At some point there was the inevitable convergence, and all the bouquets fell to the floor.

usually Reserved Tamariko, then could not resist the force of temperament, inherited from her grandmother, and gave a long scary speech a mixture of Russian-Georgian.

the Man froze, whether from surprise, or struck by its beauty, and overheated Tamariko drilled his dark eye, raising a thin eyebrow.

bewildered, the young man, apologizing, began to collect the bouquets.

It seemed to Tamara, funny and even cute, but temper took its toll and sneer "don't worry!" she grabbed the flowers and prance retired.

Just sitting in the bus, she realized that her idea was not held.

Swearing hot, Tamariko went home, while advocating that at least in the silver ribbons will not lack.

"the Operation failed branches, but the ribbon can be replaced with bows!" - thought resourceful Tamara.

Reassured, she returned home and began to prepare the bouquets for sale.

And then, something happened that nobody expected, and of course Tamara.

on the morning Literally head of the shop appeared on the threshold of the apartment, where he lived with Tamara and asked her to sell bouquets at their store.

the fact that during the collision, not all of the bouquets were assembled and the one that lost made and the head Manager to all employees of the big store the most blissful experience.

the Enterprising head evaluated the quality of the bouquet and commercial move – that piece of paper with the address and brought him to the threshold of the apartment, where he lived with Tamara.

But most importantly, Nikolay (the name of a young entrepreneur) could not forget this proud of a burning eyes looking at him.

the Young man did not sleep a wink all night and vowed that they would find a way to once again look into these proud, bottomless eyes. And even high arch arrogantly raised eyebrow will not stop him!

And then if fate, or the magic atmosphere of the Christmas holidays brought Tamara and Nicholas so much that a month later Oriental beauty market has become the decoration of an expensive shop, and six months later – the wife of the head.

the Wedding was held on a fun and lush.

All guests were offered glasses of Georgian wine and wine glasses were adorned with a silver ribbon.

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