Танатотерапия в работе с тревожными состояниями

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anxiety and panic attacks - frequent request for psychological counseling. a
Lot of irritation or a desire to hide, escape, fatigue, autonomic manifestations palpitations, sweating, high blood pressure - all signs of anxiety.
Anxiety in stressful situations is adaptive and normal, the body can cope and the person solves the problem and comes out of a stressful situation.
If the alarm is present for a long time, it often happens that the man can't help himself, falling into a vicious circle. In such States, many are beginning to see doctors trying to remove vegetative symptoms pills. But as you know, medications cannot remove the cause.
Psychologists often have to help people get out of the vicious circle and we are faced with strong resistance - it is strange, but often people hold on to their alarm. Projective techniques, a search of reasons on a cognitive level, understanding of thoughts leads to the fact that the person frantically searches and finds all new reasons to worry.
In such moments it seems that the alert itself is the meaning of human life, take it away, and nothing will remain... And it turns out that the psychologist is not fighting for life and for death...
In such moments can help wise body, simple tools, interaction and relaxation and experienced master tanatoterapii. the
Man in a troubled state need to give a support, the support is his body. At that time, as the man turns his head, disturbing thoughts trying to control everything around, he does not feel the body, and the body at this time responds to anxious thoughts heart palpitations, sweating, high blood pressure, muscle tension, pain...
If at this point to give homeopathic and gentle care for the body, it will begin to relax, and for him to relax and head, and the flow of disturbing thoughts will slow and maybe even stop. the
Person will receive the healing experience of relaxation in the absence of Hyper - control.
the Magic, you say?
No psycho - physiological mechanisms that are triggered using simple techniques in the hands and in the presence of an experienced master tanatoterapii. br>

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