Танчики, танчики..... зачем мужчины играют?

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Everyone knows the game. A men it is played. But some play too often and spend almost all her free time.

just say, I am not opposed to computer games, social networking, Youtube, etc. I think that they greatly simplify the life of man in many aspects of its activities.

And for me, the question in the sense of Measure.

And I wondered. Why do they play? What attracts them like a pastime?

If you ask a man, he probably will say that playing him relax, relieve stress accumulated during the day.

is it So? Maybe it is the picture of the world men. After all, he was relieved after the game and he thinks that computer games - it's just his favorite hobby, which he enjoys.

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And have the benefits of such Hobbies? Well, for example:

1. Many men love guns. In real life, few people use it, and then at least virtual, but you can run with a machine gun.

2. Many people want to be heroes or great warriors, but in reality - heroes to be very hard and sometimes very scary. In the game all you brave ones.

3. Men often compete. That is their nature. Unfortunately, the virtual platform for some men, becomes the only place where they can be anyone competition.

4. Sometimes, leaving in the virtual reality is simply avoidance of reality and himself. Kind of a way of avoiding problems, needs, feelings, etc. Attempt to do anything but my life.

5. The game is a platform for creation. It's human nature. He needs something to build, to create, to achieve the goal. Upon reaching the desired result, the person gets a burst of energy, resource, fun. The game is the fastest way and the least energy consuming. Well, you will agree that dial, for example, 20 kg of muscle mass in the gym harder. And so, a person does something, realizes his natural activity and quickly gets pleasure from the result.

While this is all the reasons.

what do you think, what else could be the reason of such behavior? Please write in the comments.

the anecdote in the subject.

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