Танец и метафорические ассоциативные карты про уникальность.


Tell me would you like to be special .Not like the others.Not a nut or bolt in the total mass the same.

Assume a positive answer.

There are people who suffer from low self-esteem. And there are many special people who are not even aware that they are unique..And it would be nice to know themselves as unique, right ?

Today I want to offer an interesting practice .with the use of metaphoric associative cards and movements.


For starters, think about the fact that it confirms your uniqueness,your singularity.

for Example your uniqueness is that you are curious person, and always feel the need to learn something new, it is always useful to improve your own skills.

Or you are a very kind and positive and this is your uniqueness

and so on..

Give yourself time to think.

the Way it could be a whole bunch of colors - unique !

More ...

Before you metaphorical associative cards

"Emotions of doom"

Your task is to choose one of the cards that would tell about any of your uniqueness, that which makes you special or special. Note that the map says about this.

And now the most important.

What feelings do you have when You look at this map and associate it with his unique ?

There is a sense? Where in your body it feels? Said?


Turn up the music ,which is associated with this feeling and start to move the body from the place where he lives, your sense of uniqueness.

Feel like your feeling is growing and spreading through the body like ripples on water.

after a while you will notice how gradually included the whole body and a feeling of uniqueness grows penetrating into every cell .getting into all the nooks and crannies of the body. It moves in waves .You literally become one .You and your uniqueness.

In this dance, your unique spark brand new faces.

End the dance according to your desire slowly and gradually.

a special person, in the best sense of the word, committed every one of us

And my copyright practice provides one of the possibilities.

Mamatkazina Ilmira
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