Таролог и эксперт в отношениях

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For many of our beliefs, psychiatry has a name. (briefly about fortune-tellers-psychologists)"In General, girls, if you need to find out about nice: it's what's inside it, what is the soul? Is straight to me." (quote from advertising Tarot reader-expert)

Each fortune - teller "a psychologist and expert in the sphere of relations". She will tell you "where to move your relationship", "what is you partner for my man" and "about feelings, thoughts, emotions, and status, about all that is going on inside another person and what you'll never see in a partner" (don't even try!).

just don't try to understand and hear partner and yourself - it will make the balance and "from the field" will get all the necessary information for a "full analysis" to "you have been able to control" arm and manipulative techniques, an Arsenal of which she will provide. (no wonder that she "passed a lot of trainings of personal growth" (i.e., received a "psychological education") and "has extensive experience in the field of relations")

If You greatly offend such promises, ask how the "expert" on your relationships with others, partners, friends, private therapist (if there is, or was)? How much high-quality and long-term (long-term psychodiagnostics are considered to be relations more than 5 years), these relations?

At best, you will hear about unworthy men, jealous girlfriends, criticizing the opponents, bad psychologists who, (of course), left alone with their "own problems" , because with a light hand of the universe, finding enlightenment and happiness in self-sufficiency and helping the afflicted. At worst, you shamelessly lie about harmony life.

In any case, remember that "fortune-teller, the psychologist" always works for himself and not for you. It would not have showered such "expert" psychological terms, which picked up on top , most of his activities. Method due to "secret knowledge" to increase their own importance and value, to lower his anxiety (in its narcissistic dynamics), to dull the pain, not to help you to experience, accept and understand the reasons behind the investigation, which led to it, (you do not serene happiness came with her to share?), your reasons, not your partner.

Once, many years ago, I myself, being in a desperate situation, took advantage of the services of such an "expert" (there was too much anxiety, fear, doubt, illusions). After some time I doubted the "truth", tips "the universe" is not used (what caused the resentment and anger of a fortune-teller). As a result, the case ended in considerable personal therapy during which, the reins of "wonder" gradually disappeared and became clear.

Only the knowledge that a fortune teller can convey is the idea of omnipotence and total control, (impossible in principle). You may feel that you can control other people, to manage relationships, which, of course, will reduce anxiety, but this is an illusion and illusion is dangerous, both for you and for your relationship with people.

If you come to mind, arguing with the teller, (to dispute the information "Universe" received, literally, "first owner"), that will cause the most "severe trauma" experienced "expert" and the anger of the fortune-teller will be "righteous", because it is short-circuited with God, the universe, and... well, Freud (where modern man without science).

(Your A. may)

Alice may
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