Тайм-менеджмент в повседневной жизни.

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Time management is usually used in the work, but it is also effective in life.

All probably faced with the fact that things are pouring like a snowball. Do not have time to do a basic, vital, and things have accumulated so much that on the floor of my life.

because Of the constant tension, because understanding what not to do, and all things can not be undone, in the adult, the stress, apathy, loss of joy of life.

Think, because somehow we cope with a pile of cases people are more busy than you? For example, owners of holdings, factories, state corporations?

For example, Elon Musk could build your business without associates and assistants? No, of course not.

In planning time as work and home needs to be a rational, balanced approach. The approach should be based not only on "want" and "can", but on the basic principles of time management.

here are 6 basic rules that will not allow You to drown in work and in the family.

1. To break things into 4 groups:

urgent and important - they need to be done immediately and without delay

not important, but urgent - they need to do after the 1st of the group

important, but not urgent - to do 1 thing per day

unimportant and not urgent - they need to delegate (subordinate, relatives, neighbors).

2. To prioritize (importance) is a higher priority to do first.

3. Break big things into sub-objectives;

4. To delegate tasks (binding principle - do not try to do everything ourselves);

5. Leave 40 % of work and home time on random things;

6. To plan a vacation, and try not to be distracted from the rest.

the Last point needs to be made mandatory.

we All used to live linearly: to expend energy and to fill it is not accepted. This is fundamentally wrong: one of the driving forces of human is energy. There's different energies : emotional, mental, physical,spiritual. all these energies need to fill: to read books, to do sports, to experience positive emotions, communicating with friends.

All six principles one by one is inefficient, it is necessary to apply an integrated approach.

I Hope these rules will help You to be happier.

Romanova Natalia
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