Team work on a stuttering five year old girl.


the Article is written with the permission of the parent of the girl.

a Year ago...the Door opened...looked at me, a beautiful face, with huge eyes framed by Golden hair. It's as if the Goldilocks came to my office.

what's your name? I asked.

MA..MA...MA...MA....IDA...IDA..ha...ri..TA...- said the girl.

to be honest. I saw my office for the kids halting. But with the stutter came to see me for the first time. And I was scared. Yes, psychologists are afraid of themselves. And very often. Well, I say this now for herself. Just when I think that already in my office saw it. Bang! And something sort of...

When collecting anamnesis, it was found that stuttering is acquired. First, after the little girl visited her grandmother in the village she paused, and then began to speak little by little and halting. And then, like a snowball, it's so I heard.

But the perinatal, Natal and postnatal period were some difficulties that could "contribute" to start stuttering.

reference: stuttering is a disorder of tempo, rhythm and smoothness of speech in the speech result seizures. The mechanism of stuttering is explained from the viewpoint of the doctrine IV. P. Pavlov's neuroses about the physiology of higher nervous activity. In the cortex of the brain to occur the basic neural processes: excitation and inhibition, they have a number of properties: strength, agility, balance, under adverse conditions there is a error neural processes. As a result, the equilibrium is disturbed and there is a "stagnant hearth! ("sick point") in the cerebral cortex. Because of this weakened regulatory control of the cortex over subcortical, subcortical ceases to regulate muscle tone, he begins to change erratically, it is expressed in the form of speech spasms.

Causes of stuttering:
group 1 – predisposing:

  • Somatic debility
  • Heredity (около50%) – inherited, not the stuttering and weak type of Central nervous system ("partial" type) – choleric, melancholic – risk group – often they have a stuttering
  • Retrained left-handers

group 2 – causing:

  • psychological Trauma: acute, cross-sectional.

-microtrauma valid for some time (the straw that broke the vessel): a strong reluctance to go to DS, authoritarian parenting, conflicting claims to the child, the quarrel in the family, the accelerated pace of the speech of adults.

the Most "blissful" time to start stuttering is 4-6 years. If the Central nervous system is weakened, it is enough a trigger, and the stuttering is right there.

It's as I could, "kitchen" language told mom. Our five year old little girl, "the last straw" was the trip to the village to the grandmother.

Here's what you need to remove the anxiety, and the fact that it's in my "jurisdiction" I said. Moreover, all tests for anxiety and fears "through the roof". I'm working on removing the anxiety and strengthen the "I".

next, we need a team consisting of a neurologist and a speech therapist who deals with stuttering. Mom was very determined. We both rushed to find the speech therapist.

And she was found! The house was rebuilt and set conditions, without which the speech therapist refused to work. The first and most important was removed on a two-month TV and also all gadgets! All the household went to meet the little girl.

I Must say that the Margarita lightning began to change on eyes. Almost at the third meeting, the stuttering was "quieter," not so long, and have long built it.

When they met, my mother and a lot of things figured out, he said. It is not like our five year old little girl. Then I asked that when mom and the psychologist talked a lot, to stop us like this: "Pay attention to me, please." And, Margaret then applied it in practice. Very intelligent, gracious babe, which from meeting to meeting yielded positive results. I worked with Margaret during the autumn. And, before the New year, we broke up.

A few days ago, I got a SMS (photos)..

My heart sang! Hurray!!! Bravo Margaret, speech pathologist, mom!

Want to appeal to all parents whose children begin to stutter. Don't sit, don't wait, it'll go away. Trips to "grandma" to remove fear, do not work! Only team work will bring here such a blissful result. Everyone has the opportunity to make your child happy!

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