Театр как инструмент адаптации и роста


the Immortal William said: "All the world's a stage, all the people in it – actors, and everybody plays their role."

In our age of rapidly developing psychology is a sin not to think about how to use theatre to empower his inquisitive personality?

in General, actors in their career have to reincarnate into many characters. The higher the potential of an actor, the greater its repertoire. But even ordinary man, for his time of life, forced to play different roles. Already the mere age makes the move from the role of the child in the role of a young man, an adult, an old man dying... One succeeds, the others are "fixed" at some period, as a result of "do not fall within text".

job Change is also a change of role. Raising-lowering the status of the service is often hard "exchange of roles" between superior and subordinate. Someone could, under adverse circumstances, to safely move from the position of the head of service in the lower post of electrician, and feels great. But many aren't: the usual status of the lever locks the pride. But the wise esoteric principle States: "to be a cog, be a cog". Available, alas, not all. The result: psychosomatic diseases initiated by stress in the workplace, are in the first row among the "killers of humanity". The state of distress is a clear indicator: the individual is not able to adapt to the requirements of the role.

a Change in family status, circle of friends, moving to a new place of residence ("coming!") because it certainly forces people to develop new roles... or stay in the old, and lose. As practice shows, adaptivnoe personality, the more roles it can play in life. "Replay life" in impro-theater is one of the best methods of training a new behavior.

"the Actor has no soul" - criticized the mummers in the middle ages the clergy. Indeed, the principle may be the dark side of role-playing flexibility. But great actors always manage, reincarnating in various images, beautiful and terrible, to be themselves. Charisma, force of personality in every possible way promoted it.

to Paraphrase Stanislavsky, we can say: "Improvisation is the ability to say sincerely about myself... in the alleged circumstances".

At the time, wanting to develop their communication skills, I went to do impro-theatre. Never regretted. "Secret ability" to live for a thousand fates in one body – it is also about theatre, and about its ability to improve the quality of our invaluable life.


are Replaced by masks, circling roles.

Career rise, fall and death

Love and freedom, revenge and separation

I Love theater, choose – life.

Theater – ground, training camp

to live like on stage: courage and risk

Beautiful and painful, wild and wise

life is a theater, choose life!

Litwin Eugene
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