Театр спонтанности, основанный на импровизационных импульсах.

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As a student at Odessa University. Mechnikov in 2003, I was faced with a problem, what therapy to give preference for its further practice. I initially studied psychoanalysis with Professor Boris Kherson, then gestaltpsychologie Alexander Mohovikova. As a young and inexperienced psychologist, I wanted to explore everything! And, of course, most of all, yourself. Once I got into the support group, which was based on the method of psychodrama of Jacob Moreno. Such experiences I have experienced. It was like inspiration!

From the biography of Jacob Moreno:

"In 1912, Moreno attended one of the lectures of Sigmund Freud.. In his autobiography he recalled the experience: "When the students applied, he singled me out from the crowd and asked what I was doing. I said," Well, the doctor Freud, I start something from which you leave. You work in the artificial setting of your office, I meet people on the street and in their homes, in their natural environment. You analyze their dreams. I give them courage to dream again. You analyze them and tear. I allow them to operate in their conflicting roles and help them to reunite part of the story of their lives."

What gives this method special that can lead to quick results?

On the psychodrama session, one client of the group becomes a chief current face and focuses on specific, personal, emotionally distressed situation to take part on stage. You can cause a lot of scenes depicting, for example memories of specific events in the past of the client, unfinished situations, inner dramas,fantasies, dreams, preparations for future situations, etc. These scenes or are approaching real situations, or are unconscious protection mechanism (externalized) internal mental processes. Other members of the group can be ancillary and support the protagonist by playing other significant roles on the stage, or you can join as a "twin" who plays the role of the protagonist.

From the biography of Jacob Moreno:

" at Approximately 1910 Moreno developed the Theater of spontaneity, based on the acting performance of improvisational impulses. The focus in this exercise was not done due to the therapeutic effects of psychodrama; they were seen Moreno just positive side effects. This poem by Moreno reveals ideas that are important to the practice of psychodrama, and describes the purpose of mirroring:

A meeting of two: eye to eye, face to face.
And when you are near I will tear your eyes out
and place them instead of mine,
and you will tear my eyes out
and will place them instead of yours,
then I will look at me with mine."

(literally, I apologize for the translation) the Meeting of two: eye to eye, face to face.And when you're near I open my eyesand place them instead of me,you blow the eyeand will place them instead of youthen I'll look at me with mine."

Using role-playing and story-telling, customers can show their emotions and reveal their experiences, which can be discussed openly with your physician and rehearse new ways of behavior.

Moreno believed that psychodrama can be used to help individuals continue their emotional development through these methods.

Svetlana Yarmoshchuk
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