Тебе нравится твоя жизнь?


Most of us five days a week Wake up early and go to work in a place where we spend about a third of his life. And there we are waiting for many cases, the vanity, the days succeed each other with terrifying speed, as in a kaleidoscope. And it's not a movie, this is your life, and now let's check for sure it's YOURS?

You like the work that you do? This is the direction in which you would like to continue to move? What you do now brings you closer to your main goal? Make your life be what you would like to see her? You are appreciated and respected at work and at home?

Think you may need it one day, listen carefully to yourself. And if you understand that the answers to all or almost all of the questions above is negative, then today is the day when it is time to begin to realize their own dreams instead of working for the implementation of someone else's ambitions.

albert Einstein said: "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live whole life believing that it is stupid."

Think about what you want to do really? Remember who you wanted to be in chastity and adolescence in childhood that you loved.

Now we constantly hear that I should be successful, write many books, make movies about how to attain success. But for each success is unique, success is not necessarily flat, an expensive car and a country house, perhaps for you success is life in the village in a small house and freelance.

Advertising gives us a new phone even more powerful, new vacuum quiet, new car - more comfortable and a million more things that will make our lives better. And all these things must be purchased to show how successful you are. But are you sure you need all this? The new smartphone will really make you happier? If Yes, then great. And if not, then think about what you really important. Perhaps it is too much output and the ability to go for long walks or ride out of the city, and this extra day is more important than the money you can earn.

If the definition of a dream job there are difficulties, here are a couple of exercises:

  • Find out what you do best.

Contact person close to you and ask him to identify all your positive qualities, he will paint you in all your glory. But only positive. You can't say you're very creative, but so scattered. Listening to his friend, answer him not that he was over the top and it's not about you, no need to hesitate, from the definitely know better, and write down everything said.

Now take a look at the list where you can apply all these advantages?

  • Perfect job.

Describe your ideal work location, schedule, colleagues/subordinates, superiors (if any), your responsibilities in the workplace. As much detail as possible all the details.

  • the Nightmare.

After that, describe the worst job that you hate, that you would be a nightmare, as well in great detail, taking into account their feelings.

And if you have any difficulty when performing exercises about the ideal job, starting from the negative characteristics, you can understand that you just are looking

Remember, YOU are absolutely unique, this is the second person in the world, and does not appear, it is exactly. And therefore not using other people's patterns, understand exactly what you need.

In writing this article, prompted the reading of books by Barbara Sher, "wishcraft. How to get what you really want" and "what to dream".

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