Техника для развития внимания и памяти.

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How to develop attention and memory?

Hello dear friends, you sometimes forget something, something important and in any inopportune moment in our lives. Or to muster the necessary concentration in any important to us, for example in negotiations in business, in their personal relationships, etc.

I will share with you today the ancient and simple secret)), which is used as top managers of global corporations and the intelligence personnel and units. This secret will help you become more careful and develop a good memory.

Recall a situation when you need concentration and full presence in any situation, and you somewhere drags and you start somewhere to fall through, something to get stuck, to think and to escape from the presence in the present moment, and to switch attention to do not work 100%. And as a result, after the situation arises that you are somewhere, something did not finish, something not taken into account, some of his interests are not announced and was in flight). And in result lose focus because not enough conscious, for that would be here and now. To be here and now means that at the moment understand what was happening to me, what I think and what I want to do.

Therefore, the better we will be able to recognize your thoughts and feelings, the better we will behave with other people.

Mindfulness is not only a kind of yogic practice, which need to be addressed only once a day on the Mat, awareness – need to develop in our lives in all areas, business, relationships, health. Mindfulness as a spiritual practice, what actually teaches, mindfulness when I try to be in all day.

I Suggest you now do a little exercise in mindfulness, literally 60 seconds.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, concentrate your attention on the feet and feel like they are heavy, feel your knees, thighs, pelvis, head, feel whole body grew heavy and relaxed. Then take a deep breath and in the breath, notice the cool air that passes through your nostrils and fills your lungs. Then breathe out and notice the warm air that leaves the lungs. Make literally 7-10 cycles of breathing, the purpose of which one you focus only on the temperature, the sensation of heat and cold. And every time your attention wanders, and it will be somewhere to jump, you gently return it back.

Open your eyes, I congratulate you on the first though a little lesson of awareness)) If you try every day at least one minute to devote time to this exercise, you will see how easier it will be to concentrate, to memorize and to concentrate.

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