Техника которая, поможет справиться с курением, обжорством и прочими недостатками и вредными привычками.


Methods santiaguero reframing.

Hello dear friends, today I want to share with you another technique for self-help, from your Arsenal, the technique is quite old, but very reliable and effective, despite the catchy title.

Reframing (eng. frame-frame)

the term means a technique of rethinking and restructuring thinking and behavior in order to get rid of non-constructive forms of behaviour, shortcomings, bad habits, etc., from which we suffer. For example, Smoking, overeating, temper, mother, jealous of no matter.

Therefore, dear friends, if you have a deficiency, which prevents you live that you could not cope with the help of efforts you can try to deal with it using this technique.

Describe how to use it.

first you need to allocate yourself half an hour of free time, to turn off the phone and whatever you will not be distracted and not bothered.

you Need to sit back and perform only six simple steps.

In essence santiaguero reframing. This technique assumes that any fault, for some reason we unconsciously need that he has something for us compensates and performs a specific function. We just do not realize and do not understand that if one wants for example, to quit Smoking, why it often does not work, because simply to remove this disadvantage is not enough, it needs something to replace and substitute constructive.

It's like that we want to remove the broken gear and in its place put nothing in return, so if we currently do not offer anything new, then sooner or later we're going back to the old behavior.

so, the technique. I propose to close your eyes and take ten deep breaths, and exhale should be deeper. Sit quietly and breathe, just try to relax and calm down.

step 1. Choose a downside, they're getting rid of, such as Smoking.

You mentally ask yourself the question, what part of me or my body gives rise to the disadvantage of Smoking? And listen to yourself. And after a few seconds you will feel like in the body something, somewhere will respond, zanoet, will crush some, generally some part of the body will tell you. Once you have established that it is part of the body, thank her and tell her that you appreciate her for what she is doing, not that you would harm, and perhaps she is protecting you from something this shortcoming.

step 2. Establish contact. And then ask her whether this part of the body to discuss this deficiency. Decide what kind of reaction your body will be, and what is not – they are all different, some don't - stress, and Yes - relaxation, someone on the contrary, was determined, asked a question and watch the reaction.

body And you will answer, most often it is a positive response.

3 step. Identification. After you have established contact with the body part responsible for Smoking, ask her. "Dearest part of me, (is treated politely with respect)) the positive goal you are pursuing, creating this disadvantage me, why do I create it and what role it performs in my life", someone often gives someone a picture, etc., and someone and monosyllabic response, for example smokers is the frequent answer is "when I smoke I calm down", the answers may be different, it is important that the answer was in one sentence. Once you learn what role plays your fault and it will not be just part of the body, creating a defect, it will be the part that will create you something positive, which takes care of you, even though with this drawback.

4 step. Offer. let's get back to this part of the body, but now a little different, "Dearest part of me is forcing me to smoke, tell me please if there was another way to take care of me better to realize your positive intention, would you want to replace the bad for me Smoking on something more pleasant and useful?". And again waiting for an answer already familiar with the system, what do we tell our body and gut). If this part of the body agrees, great, if not, specify as something different, more easier and it usually doesn't.

step 5. Alternative. After that access their strengths, resources, creative parts of ourselves and say: "Suggest alternative and more useful way to accomplish this positive intent that I had not been destroyed and would help to replace this deficiency with something else good." The point is, continuing the example of Smoking, if Smoking is gone, what will now help the person to calm down, that will perform this function, what possible substitute? The answer to the question may come again in the form of images, symbols, behaviour, feelings, suggestions, etc.

6 step. Reinforcements. And now when you received this response, please refer to the part of you that when you created this flaw, cared about you Smoking and ask "Dear part of me, whether you agree to continue to care for me and to exercise their positive intent so that's a new way. breathing exercises". Or say, the option that offered you your resource part. "And do you agree next time I want to smoke, to take care of me breathing exercises?"

If you got the answer is Yes, then consider that you will succeed, and if not, then you need to try a few times to repeat and it gradually turns. And the first time this new method, you must keep in mind that he caught and he's really in the case of this technique survives and ceases to manifest itself.

to All my dear readers, thank you for taking the time and please do not go without a gift), my free pdf book "Seventeen exercises to improve relations" it outlines the most effective exercises for improving relations in the family and a couple that you can use every day with your loved ones and loved ones.

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