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the Technique of "overlapping circles"

Step 1. Complete 3 laps in sequence:

  • What I like to do;
  • good;
  • What I can earn.

Step 2. Find the intersection of 3 circles, fix answer.

There will be clients who slow down in some sectors, it is a signal that shows the most common non-constructive strategies.

more About it.

1 round "LIKE"

there are 2 strategies:

  • I only do that from the category of "NECESSARY", I don't have time, opportunities for all sorts of "WANT".
  • I do not like.

in Front of you, the customer, who since childhood has not provided choice, given very little freedom. Usually "mom" (near the face) is always better to know what the child to eat, wear, what toys to play, with whom to be friends, etc. In the end is not formed skill of feeling their needs. Of course, because my mother knew when to go to the toilet.

Such people like to follow fashion, because they themselves are very difficult to feel something.

There is an opposite option when people simply do not have time to follow anything, as engaged in the business or routine commitments - work, cleaning, cooking, children... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)))))

"No time" to stop and think - and what they want.

of Course, that there will be like...

2 terms "OBTAINED"

there are 2 strategies:

  • I do nothing special don't, I'm still in search of himself.

This category often run conditionally, as if in half a leg, because it's not like, not suitable, Yes, and what strain, etc.

All would be nothing if not the age of the client over 30!

Often these customers someone allows you to "find yourself" years. It may be mom/dad or wife/husband, much less a brother/sister.

Some of the "eternal Prince", he's 50, but he still gives hope instead of results, says Litvak, M. E.

Key questions:

- how long can "find yourself"?

- what did you do to find your favorite thing?

how do you live now?

Here you can talk about personal responsibility, about the benefits of doing nothing well, the chances of being stuck on the same level of competence... etc.

Perhaps the underlying problem of the client - infantilism, very few strategies adult.

  • I'm doing everything well enough.

Perfectionism. It would not have done well but could be better. Always dissatisfaction with the result, but rather by himself.

3 terms "PAY"

there are 2 strategies:

-I get a penny.

Who hinders to earn more. Most likely monetary units, installation, or just the position of "victim".

-no-One will pay.

basic problem client - "I'm BAD", so I am not worthy that I paid. The client does not separate his identity from his product of labor.

the Product can be bad, but a good man.

- I don't know how to earn some money.

If the client has a goal, he knows if he does not know why?

If the technique doesn't work with the search itself, it will serve you diagnosis.

good Luck in your work and self-realization.

Scherbakova Natalia
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