Техника «Магический круг совершенства»

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Beautiful m magic technique NLP, in my edition. Simple, and works great. Like all for adults, and children.

Objective: to Create a powerful resource state to the client and provide access to it.

Sequence of steps

1. Find out the problem situation of the client.

2. Help the client to determine desired result.

3. Make sure that the result is well defined (positive, achievable, sustainable, touch-justified, placed in proper context important to the customer and help him to achieve more significant goals).

4. Identify resources useful to the client in a problem situation (usually 3-4), allowing to obtain a significant result. For example, confidence, curiosity, love, respect, peace, playfulness, enthusiasm when necessary.

5. Rate on a 10 point scale the intensity of each resource in the problem situation and the desired result.

6. Let the client draw the circle on the floor around himself with a diameter of 90-100 cm and are painted in neutral color.

7. Take the first positive resource.

8. Help the client to find experience from the past, where he had the status of a given intensity, and request the client to associiruetsya with experience.
9. When the experience reaches its, set anchor and enter the customer at the center of the circle. Ask him to leave the resource in this circle.
10. When the client leaves the circle, ask the children to identify the color of the circle: "what color is the circle NOW, when it you put the resource?"

11. If there are more resources, go to step 8.

12. Ask the customer to enter the center of the circle and associiruetsya with resources.

13. Test circle for problematic events from the past of the client.

14. If you do not have enough resources, then add them ( go to p. 8).

15. Ask to strengthen the intensity of the color in the circle, and let it become three-dimensional (cylinder).

16. Help the customer to choose the anchor on the state (for example — ring, movement, sound)

17. Let the client enter the circle, feel the resources will absorb them into myself in the most intense moment of the experience anchors the state in all three systems, so that all in the circle will come into it, and on the floor there's nothing left.

18. Make an adjustment to the future.

19. Explain to the client that he has a visual anchor, colored flame around him (cylinder).

and so alive with tales about a magical ring that can create in this technique.
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