Техника "МАКовый оракул"


Today I want to share with you a technique that I called "Poppy Oracle".
From the title it becomes clear that it formed the basis of metaphorical associative cards.
of Course, the definition of "Oracle" is said rather loudly, because this technique is not a method of divination, nor anything magical in the traditional sense of the word. I do not advocate any magic, divination, etc. So in this plan everything decent! )
However, it helps to tune into a certain way, and to a certain extent able to transform not only our day but our internal state. Accordingly, to make this technique optimal in the morning, when the day has not really started, and the person is in a relaxed semi-meditative state. br>
For performance, you can use any resource deck with a positive story. But personally, I prefer to use a deck of Brazilian "Morena", because it, along with the usual pictures, there is also a pile of cards with the image of footprints. Below you will learn why...
We are On the first stage we closed method selected from a deck one (!) map. It will embody our day (or week, whatever you like), as his peculiar symbol. The image itself can be interpreted in two ways:
a) It is the goal of the day. What you need to do the mandatory;
b) It represents our inner state, which we will try to follow throughout the day.

ie – affected, as the activity aspect and contemplative. What for you is more relevant at the time "here-and-now" - decide for yourself.

the Second stage involves steps to achieving what we fell in step # 1. And for this we need the second half of the cards from the deck "Morena"!
From it, also the closed method, we select another card. And it will be drawn a certain number of footprints, symbolizing the number of steps we need to do to get the result.
a Funny moment (he is intentional!) is that choosing a closed way, we never know how many actions in each case we have to do is one, or perhaps five.
And this moment of uncertainty helps not only to focus, but gives action. Because if we choose "foot-steps" in the open, we will start to roll in arguments on the topic, what if I have five steps will be small, and need, for example, seven, or even eight... i.e. – we start to bargain with themselves. There is a big risk that eventually these trades can lead to procrastination or total "clogging".
And so we get, as I called it the "positum-effect". Pulled, saw, mobilized, and forward. Preferably with a song (to create the desired mood). But about the songs we will talk separately, some other time...

And clearly it may look like this:

On the main picture the first thing I struck was the flute. Well the flute I have. But there is a harmonica. I already wrote, learning to play it. Accordingly, for me, this means that now is a good time to learn a new tune. What I'll do in the foreseeable future.
the Second map - the number of the necessary actions. And steps here, I feel - two important and two secondary.
for Example: select ringtone and search for the relevant tabs (garmoshechno chords) - a small task. But the practicing/grinding tunes and then watch the recording yourself on tape+if you want an analysis of the errors is large steps.

and so on, depending on the situation.

N. B.
The technique is original. Any use and/or reproduction only with written permission, with the obligatory indication of authorship! ©

a few days will be my author's Metaphorical deck of cards, "Give paw, friend!" devoted to emotions and work with them.
And how to use a MAC in combination with Positive psychotherapy I write in my book. Output is scheduled for spring 2019.
Stay tuned! :)


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