Техника на исполнение желания

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Today is a good day for making wishes! 😋 From the astrological point of view. So let's not waste a minute and begin to implement the technology. the
so, what's your innermost desire to date. "Skip" it using the following criteria and turn in intent (ie purpose, backed by action).
so, the purpose of 🏄 should be:
1) indicating the timing (To a certain number there);
2) on its own behalf and for myself (to begin with the words "I" or "Me");
3) in the positive (what you want);
4) in the present tense (e.g., "I have" "I Have", "I'm married");
5) without comparison (without "who / what is best");
6) specific (not "I happy", and to describe how it is for me to be happy);
7) measurable (to prescribe the criteria by which you will understand that the happy fulfillment of a wish);
8) attainable (really visible, and not high fantasy);
9) environmentally friendly (without causing harm to themselves and others);
10) supported by the experiences of joy and delight.
(Important the goal is to burn! Paper).
now close your eyes. Imagine that wish came true. What feelings, emotions do you feel? And sensations in the body? A good scan for their condition. "Consider" in detail.
now think of a situation when you had a similar condition. The same feelings and emotions. (Joy. Euphoria. Delight. The rapture itself. The pride , etc.). What did you do then? What did you do in that situation? What happened there?
for Example, you swam in the pool 🏊. Traveled around the world. Or operated the car 🏎. And maybe, dancing. Was on the massage 💆. Or communicated with a loved 💑 / loved one etc. It could be anything. Even banal - swinging on the swings. The main condition - emotions, similar to those that you experience from realization!
And finally, most importantly. Now EVERY DAY (or as often as possible) do this action. With the same pleasure. And then your goal will soon be achieved. Guarantee! the
it's important not to create barriers to the dream. In 😱 fears, doubts, lack of faith / different internal resistance. Otherwise nothing will. Agreed?
Turn all their cherished plans and intentions. And soon they will become reality.
Achieve the desired pleasure. High. Pleasure. Without tension and playfully✌.
the Main thing is follow the sequence:
1) log in to the desired state
2) to act, to do
3) , to have the desired 💎.
Ask questions and share experiences under this post. All the best my lovelies! 😉
Cordially yours,
the psychologist Svetlana Lebedeva.
Lebedeva Svetlana
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