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Technique "Spirit of happiness!"

I Think not mistaken in saying that everyone wants to be happy. Happiness is a state of mind, body and thoughts. Look at this man and see his inner light which I want to touch, to bask in his rays. In life such a happy person naturally and quickly. Surrounding love. One word – not life, but a fairy tale!

Let's try to understand the secret of these people. If you ask such a person that he was today, he will tell us how much good happened to him. I believe that this is one of the important components of the equation of happiness.

the Man sees around him the happy moments. His brain is configured to capture these moments.

That anecdote in the topic:

the family had two children — one a pessimist and the other optimist. Approaching the new year. Decided their parents "to level", well not to such extremes were, and prepared presents: pessimist horse, but an optimist bunch of horse manure.

in the Morning the children Wake up...


— Hyyy, Loshadka... a Little, but I wanted more... brown, and I wanted gray in apples... Derevyannaya, and I wanted guuuuuuuuh...


y me ALIVE! Just FLED!

and so with a happy man, he sees a pile of manure a live horse, but she ran away!

I often in their work using technique Spirit of happiness! once I took it, then gave to their clients and they confirmed its effectiveness. This technique allows you to "retune" the brain on the perception of happy moments.

it is based on the story of Irina Semina Store of happiness. Read this story at the link https://www.b17.ru/go_5y

all you'll need to create a Big Book of Happiness to do this:

  1. Beautiful notebook, or a notebook, or diary (what's more you like!);
  2. Beautiful or beloved, or happy stick (as you want it!)

Every night before you go to bed you write in your Big Book of Happiness 10 happy moments that happened to you today. More, not less! First, you have to try to remember these points, it is easy and fun.

the exercise should be within 90 days. This will allow you to shape the skill and fasten it on a deeper level. Every day you'll notice that there is happiness in your life and become more!

I Wish you happiness!

Borodina Svetlana
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