Техника "Неотправленное письмо".


each of us in life there are moments when you have to hide yourself in certain emotions. In most cases it is something negative: anger, anger, envy. Although sometimes you have to hide positive emotions, such as love, if not shared with anybody. However, any emotion that has not been output, can start to weigh on you, you will always remember this and will not be able to let it go. At the same time to go with you to therapy are solved not all, for solving this problem independently, there is one proven technique that you may have heard, but not taken seriously or just weren't familiar enough to use – it's called “the unsent letter”.


First, you need to complete the preparatory phase:

  • You need to be alone, to turn off the phone and other means of communication, to ensure complete protection from external irritants.
  • to Create for themselves the conditions of comfort and sense of security.
  • and, of course, take a pen and paper.

After that you need to recall in great detail a situation in which you experienced the emotions that were forced to hide, but they gnaw at you until now. Mark the addressee of the person with which is associated the appropriate emotions, to write your letter you will him do not forget that this is a psychological technique and not business correspondence, the recipient of your creation will not see. In the letter you describe the feelings that caused you this situation that happened then. You should remember everything that you had at heart and feel this whole range of emotions again.

Basic rules when writing a letter:

  1. Describe the situation most vividly, how will allow your literary talent.
  2. don't forget the feelings you have while writing the letter, this is the technique, if you begin to torment the emotions, then you are on the right track and doing everything correctly.
  3. splash out emotions the way you want. Great help will be a bodily reaction, allow yourself to break a mug, yell, beat a pillow, or, conversely, hug her, depending on the emotions that you have.
  4. At the moment, when emotions begin to develop and actively to spill, write all what you think, even if it's not exactly related to what you wrote before. Write exactly what I think at this point, with absolutely all phrases that come to mind, whether something is abusive or very offensive, write all the letter except no one will see you.
  5. Finish writing only when you start to come gradually relief and relaxation. You will feel the moment when anger or other emotions will start to go sharply into decline.

Next, you can simply destroy this letter, any way: to burn, to break, to just throw. We do not recommend it anywhere to remove it, even to the farthest box, it is better to destroy it forever.

What to do after writing the letter.

After you write a letter of thanks, if you can't get over yourself to thank them, it means that you throw all your emotions, then it is necessary to repeat the procedure again. If you have experienced very heavy and painful your emotions, you sometimes have to repeat the procedure a few days when your emotional state will end. But, always try to bring up the fact that you could write a letter of thanks. It should write:

  • Describe the situation and tell the person thank you for the fact that it happened.
  • Tell us about what you have learned from this situation, what are the lessons you have received, how important the experience was acquired, thanks.
  • Email the output. In it write down how you should behave in order not to fall into this situation or maybe how else to behave in such a situation, in order not to harm yourself.

a Letter of gratitude, you can leave and postpone somewhere far away, but to destroy it is also a good option, because all the conclusions that you describe there, you will remember for a long time.

the Practical value of this technique.

unfortunately, most psychological techniques need time to use them, requires special skills, at least the minimum level. Exceptions to this rule slightly, in particular, the technique of “unsent letters”. In fact, this technique just allows you to get the emotions that you hid inside yourself and with the help of the description of events from the past, throw all the emotions that overwhelmed then now, but in a more comfortable and safe environment. The main value of the techniques it will help anyone, while not requiring any effort. It is worth noting an important feature of this method is it can be used quite infrequently. Apply it only to the really serious situations that you can't get out of my head, “poisonous” in your life. Otherwise, you'll just bring up negative emotions, already safely forgotten you, which is better left buried.

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