Техника отпускания ушедших "Разделение жизненного Пути"


Life is so arranged that our loved ones go.

Often very difficult to experience the pain of loss. But, at times, difficult to let go of a dead man in another world, forgiving all resentments, all the guilt, all the misunderstanding, to accept with gratitude and love all the value that was in the relationship.

In dealing with such situations I came up with a technique that helps to take care of thanks.

If you are pressing this issue, I suggest you do it in a state of unconditional love, meditative state.

the Technique of "Separation of life"

Imagine that you are standing next to those who recently or long ago left this world. You stand together in a single stream of crystal-white light coming from deep space.

You connect the invisible threads that this flow of love became visible. Look at them, on those channels that bind you, look with love and gratitude. In this stream of unconditional love you see all that filled the channel. This can be pain, fear, resentment and grievances, expectations, humiliation, shame, and all the negativity that you do not want to see, it was painful to see. Now you look at it from the side and accept it as fact. So there it was, and it had to be you, it was valuable to you, be sure of something valuable.

All of this has helped you to find answers to your questions and find them and become who you are now: a wiser, deeper, stronger. It was, and now it's gone.

And now this light of unconditional love and wash all the pain, all the fear, all the grievances and complaints, all expectations, all the shame that was there and take all these lessons, sending them to the archive of assimilated experiences. And fill with the channel of acceptance, gratitude and love.

And when it cleared the negativity, you can clearly see those happy moments that you had together which you linked, or associated with that person.

Feel the love and gratitude for the departed person's acceptance of his choice to leave each watch as it comes from your address love and gratitude, for the part of the path that you passed by.

now turn around back to the path you passed by.

See all the ties in this way. See how the flow of unconditional love appears all the pain, complaints, resentment, reticence, willingness to help, to give something or to get something in return.

Take away all your what is left there in that the segments of life, it's all yours, all the parts of the soul which you have invested in relationships, in life, your expectations, now back to you.

And the man returned all that you took from him everything that bothers you to let him go. Give it back to him, return with love and gratitude.

See how untied the strings.

And now you see that everyone has their own way.
What happened next for some time, giving what they could give each other. But everyone has their own path, their choice, their lives.

Thank the person for all that value that he brought to you, for all the love he gave you, even if it is love you was not clear at the moment.

now Look at the time of his departure.
Direct the Flow of unconditional love, wash all the pain that was left there in that moment. Fill this moment with unconditional calm acceptance and unconditional love.

Turn on your current path, look forward to their future. Fill it with unconditional love and joy. And mentally step into their future and experience the freedom and joy of his journey.

Apetites this feeling of freedom and joy, gratitude and love, and return to the here and now.

With love, Galina Suslin

If you are unable to cope with this pain, please, will be happy to help.

Suslina Galina
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