Техника «Письмо смерти»


Colleagues, Hello! Today I want to show you my new technique I called "Letter of death". It is based on psychotherapeutic method "paradoxical desire" or paradoxical intention. Its essence consists in the following: to get rid of fear we must begin to seek him.

the Method of longing for what we fear, was first proposed by Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Frankl. For more than 50 years of use has shown its high efficiency when working with fears, phobias, and neuroses.

When we teach ecopsychologist on the basis of our charity project of psychological support to oncological patient SUPPORT, we are binding the work by the psychologists. Are they mentally ready, how strong is their fear of getting sick or facing death, why would they want to do it in this direction, and so on. Different exercises and methods, including today, help us to receive such information.

Technology "Letter of death" is a wonderful personal experience, an incredible JOURNEY to himself. After its implementation a person really is different.

For the technology is very important the correct setting. There should be no extraneous noise and sounds, bright lights, strangers. The phones I recommend to disable it. The exercise is suitable for both individual and group work.


1. We tell the client that now he will have the unique opportunity to talk to your Death by writing her a letter. It can be all: fears, doubts, questions... most Importantly, confide in your hand and start... Time is not limited. But usually, such work takes 10 to 30 minutes.

2. Then please read this letter at the hearing.

3. The psychologist must give a positive feedback, because for a man this was incredibly hard work, with a huge number of feelings and emotions. So this letter is necessary to speak, ask questions, clarify, etc. The rate of speech of the psychologist at this stage consultation is very relaxed, unhurried.

5. Further, we offer the client a pen, markers or crayons to draw 3 pictures: I'm up to letter I, I now.

6. Please comment on the pictures, to ask what the client realized that he now feels that this gave him experience and so on.

7. The final part is the interpretation of the psychologist depending on how the work. Most importantly, it needs to be a resource. Can I ask what else the customer wants to clarify for themselves? Or what is the message from his unconscious wants, and so on. To do this, use any resource deck, and ask client to closed to get 1 card.

8. Discover, discuss and finish the job.

I Want to show you a small snippet of using this technology in group work and with the author's permission to publish his Letter.

"Hello, Death! It is difficult to describe all the feelings that I am experiencing now. On the one hand I want to show that I'm not afraid of you, but on the other hand you're totally unknown, but from the dangerous and unpredictable creature, and yet I'm afraid... it's a wonder that you could be the great grief, for others it is a welcome release and a gift. I know you're still coming, but I doubt, as all that this moment has come. So it makes no sense to ask you to pick me up at a specific time. I know that very soon after I'm gone, the life of my family will again be back on track with life's troubles and worries. And it's great! Don't want to grieve about me. And yet I am very interested in what you are? Hardly in the hood and scythe. But I think that when my time comes, I recognize you. The older you get, the more often ask myself, and I'd like to be immortal? Previously, the answer would be definitely "Yes", but now... Probably not. And the reasons are many. But the main, when you're immortal - you are always alone. Then why this life?

If you asked me what I'd asked you only about one. Old people say that in the dream, die good people. So, if you can, take me in my sleep, but I'll try to live, how much I have left, with dignity, that you will grant my wish.

And thank you for what you are. Without you life would be boring and dull. Goodbye, Death. I'll see you..."

Here is the letter. I wonder what you have it caused emotions?

please take a Look at photos of one of our members. Comment on from them. "When I decided to participate in this experiment, I had a lot of questions. And this triangle is also not accidental. This banning, I was always afraid to touch this topic.

When I began to write a letter, somehow calmed down, gained confidence, it is square and even wanted to give her a flower.

Well, today is my third drawing. Interest here, angel, many questions..."

I asked:

- And what is the most important?

- So is there anything further?

- well offer to pull a card, Your unconscious will respond.

- Oh... ( said party and showed the audience a map).

Ooooh, said hall))).

Thank you! I understand."

Here's a technique I offered you today. Well, are you willing to write a letter to my Death?

Goloborodova Victoria
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