Техника работы с внутренним ребенком

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how to start a love yourself?

I often talk about how it affects us, the lack of love and acceptance.

Clearly, we all come from the "terrible childhood", where we are not always these resources have got. And yet, the situation can and must be changed.

Today I want to share a technique that will help to fill this gap.

Find a quiet place where you can be alone for 20-30 minutes.

Think a little about your negative state, which is most often and most clearly present in your life. It may be the feeling of loneliness, resentment, guilt, helplessness or hopelessness..

Some time explore how it responds in your body. Maybe it's the pressure in the chest, or compression in the abdomen, and perhaps felt a lump in my throat or something is pressing on the shoulders.

Rate on a scale from 0 to 10, how strongly do you feel this negative condition.

Now mentally see yourself from a small child.

Consider what he looks like, what clothes? How old is he? In what position is he and what eyes looking at you. Try to feel what he feels. Maybe that's when he first felt the negative state that you are working with. Maybe there are any specific moments from the past.

Feel what is so desperately needed by the baby, which he there very is not enough? Can be love, care, attention. Maybe he wants to be hugged and reassured. And just said how great he is needed and loved.

Mentally or aloud call the baby. Explain that you came to him from the future to help and support. And now will be someone who will be able to give him what he needed.

Imagine, as you embrace, put on his knees. Lull and whisper tender words.

Pay attention to how the mood of the baby. He calms down, and the view becomes open and joyous.

Tell me how much you love him. Just because it is. Now he will always be under your protection. Now he will never feel lonely or hurt.

he will not feel more loneliness or fear, because you will take care that he grew up in an atmosphere of love and security.

Warned that he may face unpleasant situations. But now you give him such a boost of love and faith in himself that he can successfully overcome any difficulties.

Maybe you want to give something to a child. Toy, souvenir, talisman, or new clothes. And maybe just to buy sweets. Make sure to make him happy.

Verify that now with the baby it's all right. Most likely, by this time he already wants to run to somewhere to play or explore the world.

Then mentally let the child grow. Just imagine what it becomes for adults, who grew up in love and security, while maintaining all the power and resources.

Rate this are already an adult, but another self. What he feels instead of negative emotions, resentment, helplessness..? It is already calm, joy, love..

Mentally together with his new for adults.

Rate scores from 0 to 10 you will now feel the negative feeling which started to work. If the rating was lower, then you made the right move in the way of love and acceptance.

Madina Kartasheva
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