Техника "Семейное дерево"

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Adjusting itself for best shaping the image of a positive future, people are already doing psychotherapeutic work if his thoughts and his senses form a unity (it is concentrated, concentrated on the work).


One of the widely known therapeutic techniques to create an image of the desired future, the so-called "Well-formulated result:


Propose a technique that you can use when working with clients wishing to start a family or facing difficulties in the process of its creation.

Objective: a composition embodying the expectations of the family group.

- container for decoration (vase, flower pot, bottle, Bank, etc);
- material for filling the vessel (sand, stone, or decorative, shells, other natural material, buttons, etc.);
- gouache; brushes; paper (you can get velvet or glossy wrapping); scissors; PVA glue; you can instead of paper for decorating the vessel to take the clay or "salt dough".
green paper or fabric for the formation of leaves, paper, cloth or leather for flowers; if you wish the cardboard to pieces of fabric.
- iron or metal tools to make the leaves and petals of three-dimensional form.

Time: from half an hour up to several days if the client cannot or does not want to carry the whole amount at once.

1) First it is proposed to issue a vessel. In accordance with the traditions symboldrama, a container reflects women's, inceptive the beginning. This is the basis, the Foundation, the family hearth, the Keeper of which often recognized the woman. You can pick a vessel that will have to "like" - for example, in the store. But still, it is better to decorate it yourself – it helps a person's awareness of his creative abilities.

2) to Choose whether a vessel filled by some material (for example, to capture the "tree"). Important point: if a person doesn't want to fill the vessel in anything other than "wood" - perhaps, it is not enough "resources" to family lived in prosperity and confidence. If a material is selected, for example, stones or large enough seeds, bones, before placing the vessel could paint at their discretion.

3) Work with all parts of tree - coloring of the branches creating leaves for the tree.
the Branches are painted with gouache in the colors, which will be chosen by the people;
it is Preferable that the sheets for wood (reflect the vitality of the family) was green, with 2 sides, like these trees. If the leaves are made from fabric, it is the first of its starch, then cut out blanks of the desired shape and size (you can make patterns). To give them volume, you can use a iron or tools, which are metal balls of different sizes on the rod with wooden or plastic (not heated) with a pen.
If a person wants to do on the tree flowers, you can use the leather from which cut the petals of a certain shape and glued, paper or starched cloth. The petals can give a three-dimensional form, special tools, heating them.

4) the Leaves and flowers are glued to the branches with white glue.

5) the Gathering of wood, securing it in the vessel the final stage.

Performing such work, the person visibly and substantive embodies the ideas about themselves and other family members (real or future). We can use technology to work with pregnant women.

Olennikova Victoria
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