Техника"Тараканьи переговоры"


the Exercise with Metaphorical cards.

Author's future deck Irina Fedorova Biysk. "Simple Traceology" (work with parts of the personality).Query: the Problem of choice,conflict of parts,the age crisis.

Cockroaches are creatures that live not only in the kitchen but sometimes in the minds of people. They are cute,but kind of still bothering people! You can hear these words..."Yeah,I could do with cockroaches deal"! Or "Cockroaches all night did not give sleep,"But in General, they have the need to make friends and to tame them.So we're going to do.


the Purpose of technology is to come to terms with yourself,to look at the situation from the outside, to voice ideas,to find resources in a situation to do everything out of love to yourself!

1. Imagine that for each of your situation and thought,meets a cockroach.Ozvuchte your sitaula.

2. Now offer in the open to choose a card with a picture of a cockroach.(That's at least now it is clear) Describe it,what is it? What does he want?What would you say?

3.But he is not one? Otherwise there would be internal conflict? Let's talk about the part with the cockroach,who thinks differently.

4. Drawn face down. Let's get acquainted.What's his name? What does it tell you? What he lacks? What does he want? (and so there may be 2 to 4 cards)

5. When all parties are heard,all pritenzii taken all the cockroaches sit down at the negotiating table. And promise to comply with its conditions,and the client too!(e.g. within 1 month)

Can be selected first cockroach,which will monitor the process and adjust,if necessary!

the set features a card inspired cockroaches.(for example if you choose a card with a picture of candy,inspire and indulge yourself with something delicious,if you've chosen a card with images of hearts,do something nice!

Technology resource and helps with humor to look at the situation.(I of course offer to its tarakashki be treated with care and love and call them affectionately as..."Tarakashek my,my,favorite"))) the Intention you have is good,but the behavior is not very!!!!

Fedorova Irina
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