Техника улучшения памяти и развития воображения

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Today, I suggest to perform the exercise, developing imagination, fine motor skills, hand and memory. Taken from the Arsenal of art therapy, it also relieve emotional stress, help you relax and get some rest.

To run it You will need paper and pencils, markers, pastels or paint something that is more to their liking. You need to distract You: turn off your phone, close applications on your computer. Will allocate about thirty minutes on this exercise.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful flower. How does he look? How it smells? Where does it grow? That surrounds it? What happens to him during the day? At different times of the year?
  2. Open the eyes and picture everything that is presented - what is most liked and caused positive emotions. It is not necessary to able to draw – it's important to remember and to fix the maximum amount of detail. By the way, it's good to identify and record obtained by fantasizing emotions, but this is "advanced level" - if it doesn't happen, don't worry: complicated exercise later.
  3. Look at the picture and give it a name. What is the mood of the flower? Why do You think so? Create a story about him. If the mood is sad, edit the picture and/or story so that it has improved. Write down if you wish.

If the exercises seem difficult, replace the drawing record memories, but the effectiveness of it will decrease. In the first stage can perform only two. Workout one or two times, added a third.

Do the exercise at least once a month. It will develop imagination and memory, raises the mood, helps to relax and get away after a hard day. You can execute with children - they will surely enjoy and will be a great sharing option and useful pastime for you.

I also like to offer it to clients as homework. Especially those who are too rational, and has trouble determining their feelings and emotions and want to improve your memory, develop imagination.


Alina Maksimova
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