Техника запоминания, которую никто не знает


you Need to remember a number of items? Not always get them to "learn by heart". And to reproduce the number of items in the reverse order seems a daunting task! Some people can memorize 20, 30, even 50 items, play them in the correct sequence, one by one, and then in the opposite direction. Even if you ask them to reproduce it a week, they can handle it with minimal mistakes. They use specific equipment, which we are ready to share with you.

a Special technique of remembering items first used by the poet Samanid Keosky, who lived in 560-x BC in Ancient Greece. He suggested the use of familiar images and positioning objects on the location, which is very good familiar to you. This technique is called "equipment locations" or "the memory Palace".

Easier to understand the example. You need to remember of marine painters, about 20 names. Choose a place that is well familiar to you: your apartment. Now you need to place marine painters in the apartment. Place Aivazovsky in the kitchen (even if he washes the dishes, why not?) Bogolyubov will stand at the light switch in the hallway and in the hallway to take their shoes off Spanish artist Francisco. Funny, isn't it?

Most importantly, the head is formed by a certain image. You can easily reproduce order of the selected artists (especially if you need to memorize them in chronological order) because I know how looks the way from the kitchen, through the corridor, into the hallway.

If you need to memorize something longer, take the longer path (the road to work, if you know it already by heart, and so on).

Important rule - do not use the same site twice! Images should not be mixed. Your apartment is already live marine, so it does not place a mathematical formula, the terms of the contracts, the names of work colleagues.

Try using this technique and verify its effectiveness on their own! The process will be exciting and new for you that will present new experiences and help you learn!

Yuri bobovsky
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