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Such sayings as: "do not judge others by yourself" or "we become those who tried" talking about what people usually condemn something that is inherent to him. So is this really the case?

the Famous philosopher, psychologist and teacher Liz Burbo few years ago described in his works the technique of "Mirror" that allows man to understand "who I am".

the Versatility of this technique is its adaptation to almost any situation, and the value is the opportunity to use it even on their own, without the help of a specialist.

Before you get started with the technique, the person will learn the following:

Everything that exists around you is a reflection of what is happening inside you and all that you see in other people is a reflection of yourself. (Liz Burbo)

If this basic postulate is accepted, then you can move on.

Imagine yourself as a real mirror. You look at yourself and the image you see in it is your reflection. A mirror reflects all parts of your body, including the part that you don't like. You find it hard to accept it, to accept that it is yours, and it is. You want to change this part and can you imagine how you would look like if she was different. Your objection against this part may be so great that you are willing to replace it, to redo it. And here it is important to realize that the more your irritation and dissatisfaction of this part of the body, the uglier she looks.

the same happens on the mental level. The more a person rejects any part of yourself, the more it will assert itself and demand its attention.

for Example, you don't like something in the behavior of a loved one, and yet, this man in this case is your reflection, it means that you don't like it when you do so.


the universe will send you your reflection, using mainly the people close to you.

the Best mirrors become our children. They reflect on the parent of those behaviors, which he never received.

Frequent conflicts between the child and the parent of the same sex due to the fact that they "mirror" each other.

If you find it difficult to accept some form of behavior which you treat strictly negative, it means that once you have decided that it is "bad", and because it has become unacceptable for you.


the more you deny this or behavior, the more it will be present in your life, demanding its place and recognition.

According to the author's technology, the only tool that can lead to a real transformation of man is to stop being hard to control, and give yourself the right to be who you are at the moment.

Example. One woman was trying to keep the house clean and tidy, while her husband and children seem to have done that created the mess in the house, throwing their stuff anywhere. Neither entreaties nor indignation didn't help. Perhaps, once this woman decided that throwing things is a bad thing, as it will speak of her as a careless person, but she wanted to convince yourself otherwise. And then all the family members began to show her the extent to which it is rigidly controlled in everyday life to fit what she thinks he is.
Realizing this, the woman became sometimes afford to throw all out without worrying about it. While remaining committed to the order, she sometimes allowed himself to be sloppy, ie adopted its "disordered" side.

Every time you catch yourself that you judge or criticize someone, stop and ask yourself: "do I also behave like that?". If you are honest with yourself, you will quickly recognize yourself for who criticized.

Example. You are an annoying person who laughs out loud. If not limited to only the physical aspect, we can ask ourselves: "When I hear of a person who laughs out loud, what is annoying in his behavior?". The answer may be: "I am annoyed by the fact that he doesn't care about the fact that he's meddling". It turns out that now you have to perform this aspect of their own behavior, ie to think in what circumstances you happen not to care that you disturb others.
Practice mirror very useful. the Results of this technology to surprise, amaze, baffle. You can see how to improve relations between parents and children, between partners, friends, colleagues.

the Technique of "Mirror" very painful for our his, as it quite effectively puts him in his place, forcing people to reconsider their views and attitudes. To accept one part or another, it would be good to understand how it was banned, prompting the man to place it in the "black list".

the Main goal of this method is to help you accept yourself for who you are, and don't criticize yourself. (L. Burbo)

One of the leading verbs in the emotionally - shaped therapy - the verb "allow". Removing the ban on some models of behavior, people allow themselves not able to afford for years, and gets a real relief getting rid of feelings of discomfort, heaviness or guilt. Starting a new behavior, he pushes the set once the scope and opportunities for change in your life.

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