Техники для избавления от негативных ощущений


I Suggest a couple of techniques to work with negative feelings.

1) Render.
Imagine that bothers you as an object inside you. Where is it located? What feelings it causes you? How does it look?

Then imagine how he (under the influence of, for example, light, or water) coming out of you and materializes near you. What is it? How does it look? What feelings and emotions does it?

Now try to influence him to transform into something more attractive and pleasant. What is it now? Looks like? Is that you beside him feel?

Try with him to "make friends", to take. To admit to himself – as something good – what you've been missing inside. Feel how the warmth envelops you, you become comfortable. As the pleasant feeling spread in the body, replacing all the space that was freed from troubling feelings.

You can use this exercise periodically as a meditation.

the more consciously you this exercise you approach, the more you desire change, the sooner you will get rid of the troubling States.

2) the Same, in fact, and maybe someone will be easier to run - breathing exercises.

With a deep slow breath in through your nose (to fill the belly, and you feel blown the top bulb with a delay of 2-3 seconds) we admit the purity, light, goodness, all good.
On a full exhale through the mouth (just all the -- all the air produced, with the voice, hissing as you want in the moment) is expelled from itself all the muck, anger, all negative, all that prevents us – as well with a delay of 2-3 seconds after a full exhalation.

you Can repeat as many times as necessary until you feel relief.

All these techniques is good to do before bedtime or in the morning.
And, as necessary, for example when you do not feel comfortable, you feel some negative, some anxiety, worry, or even as "emergency" to combat panic attacks.

the more light within us, the more we radiated to the outside.

Consequently, drives away negativity, and at the same time infect others with positive energy.

Victoria Stepanova
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