Техники самопомощи в стрессовых и тревожных состояниях


Each of us at least once experienced anxiety. It would be unreasonable experience in a completely safe environment, and sometimes occur in consequence of communication with people or under the influence of circumstances from the environment.

Today I propose a selection of simple exercises that will help you to return the feelings of the body and understanding in all circumstances, will allow you to make a decision or perform tasks for the benefit of you.

And so, this is the following exercises:

  1. Feel the support.

You can become and feel the support feet on the ground, or if you have the opportunity to sit or lie down, do it, and soprikosnites with the surface the maximum amount of the body. Stay in this position for as long as necessary. Try to relax.

Additionally, as you can imagine all your anxiety, emotions drip down into the earth, and your condition turns from worrisome, calm, pleasant, for you.

  • To eliminate anxiety and fight depressula a wonderful property that are warm and pleasant odors. Put favorite warm sweater, or wrap your favorite blanket. And hot aromatic tea will make an excellent addition. Equally effective would be to take a hot shower or bath.
  • Buy a diffuser and from time to time light it with your favorite oils. Such as orange, cinnamon, lavender.

  • Change the focus.You may want to consider a point on the ceiling, for example, or a tree branch on the street. Considering the other object, think about its shape, color, application, etc. This will remove the emotional tension and will allow us to really assess what is happening.
  • and of course breathing. On the Internet you can find hundreds of exercises to normalize breathing and to choose the one that suits you. In the meantime, I suggest the following:

    stand right, breathe in deeply and hold your breath. Count to 4 and exhale slowly.

    Repeat 3-5 approaches.

    Recommendations for interoperability with alarmingsmi States when dealing with people

    If you notice that anxiety arises in you when communicating with other people, offer the following guidelines:

    • do Not take responsibility for other people's emotions. If someone is rude, rather it is his problem, not your fault. Relax and congratulate yourself on its stability (or something else).
    • don't cross other people. If the other person in your environment is not pleasant, not worth it through anger and dislike to communicate with him. Better to break this relationship. It will be helpful to him and to you.
    • Learn to see the advantages of people and make them compliments in this connection, it will bring joy to both them and you.
    • If you frequent events that you care about, have a collection of anecdotes and pleasant music, they will cheer you up and create a nice “anchor” to interact at meetings of this kind.
    • Notice your positive qualities and deeds, and praise yourself for them.
    • Make a plan of action for the day, not forgetting that in this respect, the implementation of important tasks must alternate with rest.

    I Hope my simple tips were helpful for you.

    best regards, psychologist-psychosomatoses, sex therapist Tatiana Pavlenko

    Pavlenko Tatyana
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