Tell me WHAT am I?

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AboutDrazdy asked me a question a friend of mine. "What do you want me?". And I got to thinking. It seems there is nothing easier than to answer this question. I began to touch in mind possible answers, trying, of course, to remember what she was like in different periods of our acquaintance with her. I thought about our meetings, conversations and...... To my mind came a variety of adjectives. For example, "hard". Stop! Two months ago she was so warm and emotional. Remember, we talked to her, and I did not leave feelings of warmth and gratitude. "Soft" I decided then. But wait! As she told me about how she copes with difficulties, and her voice was heard metal. I suddenly felt at a crossroads. For me there are a variety of ways, and I can, of course, to go on any of them. But, like, going on the same road, I immediately lose sight of others. I realized that I prefer to overlook all the variety of ways and possibilities.

When I think about the person I appear to be a crystal with lots of facets. In a moment the light falls on any brink and we see any human quality. All other faces in that moment are in the shadow. This does not mean that they are not. This means that they are just now invisible.

it is possible that in life we show others only their specific part. Sometimes we just used to them, sometimes we consider it safe for themselves. Sometimes we're just trying to meet the expectations of others. But at this moment there is a whole other side that as long as we are not open. They certainly are, but why no one has not asked for them. And how amazing it is when people close to you suddenly says: "you are so wise," and we are surprised to discover in ourselves and this trait. Or someone throws us: "you hard and rough." Well, I guess, and so I can also be.

Our qualities are revealed in interaction with other people. In them as in mirrors that reflected my independence, ease, generosity, rudeness. And the more turns my crystal, for others its different facets, the fun and interesting, my interaction with them, the more interesting my life.

What prevents us to be different in dealing with people and to show their different qualities.

  • the Idea that any quality can be bad, and some good. Greed, you say, poor quality. But if we are talking about the fact that greed is manifested in the benefit of me and my family. Or greed as an opportunity to save something that gives me security. Each of our quality performs a specific function. Serves the purpose. the Difficulty often lies not in the quality, and how and when I use it in my life. Let's look at greed. People greedy to buy an expensive car. What will it give him? What it need to satisfies with this purchase? The need to occupy a high position in society, high status? Maybe. One of my friends once said, "When you've a high status – a lot of people pay attention to you and loves you." The status for it is a way of receiving love. Then, and here greed? No bad qualities. There are too complex and too long way of their implementation. Not very suitable conditions.
  • Generally speaking about quality, we mean some human behavior. For example, people listen to us carefully – we say "polite". Yells at us – we say "wicked". In fact, for politeness can hide fatigue, a cry of pain and experience. We do not cry because I'm afraid that the other person will attribute to us is the quality (bad) and appreciate us. I'm afraid because they deep down believe is right, doing so in relation to others and not always realize it and admit it to myself.
  • Often in my childhood our parents have taught us that there are negative and positive qualities. We grew up, but sometimes the parent voice continues to live in us. We listen to it, but it is not critical. As one of the immutable truths. May be in childhood, what you told us mom seemed to be really true. When we grow up, we realize that parents are people too and sometimes they could be wrong. Only as adults we can take a close look at what they gave us. To consider, evaluate and take. And something of this will help us to live, and something interfere and then we can leave and say goodbye. One of the things with which we parted, when you get older is the desire to be always good for their parents and other people.
  • I really like the saying of Lev Tolstoy "One of the most common and widespread superstition that every person has some their specific properties, that is man good, evil, smart, stupid, energetic, We can say about the man that he is more often kind than angry, more often intelligent than stupid, more often energetic than apathetic, and Vice versa; but it will be wrong if we say about a man that he is good or smart, but about the other, that he is evil or stupid. And yet we always classify people. This is not true.

    People are like rivers: water all the same and everywhere one and the same, but each river is narrow, fast, wide, quiet, clean, then cold, then muddy, then warm. And people.
    Every man carries within himself the beginnings of all properties of human, and sometimes shows alone, sometimes by others and is often quite unlike themselves, leave everything between the one and itself"

    Then how to respond to this question: "what am I?". I like the response miscellaneous. You can become what you want to be. In what minute good, the next moment, the secretive, sometimes contradictory. And all this will be you: extraordinary, amazing, one of a kind.

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