How often in relationships, we say things we mean, not thinking about what he wants to hear is actually a partner? And the sad part is, it is not those words which we used to hear how important and necessary with the TV and radio, not the ones we read in books.

These words from the sphere of support, approval, advice. That is, their number is limited. Therefore, it is very easy to learn.

What? To say what he wants to hear from you, your partner, child, parent, colleague and so on. These words do not entail participation in a person's life. It's just a side glance.

We all need in those words that are necessary at the moment. Not tomorrow, not yesterday, and today, right now. What words of love do not belong to those words that wants to hear your Ya For all the time use this technique wasn't necessary to speak words of love, and not because it's the people seeking help. Love is often taken for granted. The person next. It means love. And if it is a reality, you want another. Of course it's a given many spoils. But it is not about the fact of what is. And about what you want to hear.

Reception is quite simple. You must drop imagination ( and it is at all), patience, and silence for the first time. All as you can see simple. Learn to speak what you want to hear is how to learn to ride a bike. Learn everything, just at different speeds.

get in front of someone you will learn to do it and imagine what's inside of the person someone is looking at you with a mute plea for the right words. The first words you want to say - this is what You want to say. They are not suitable. After you suddenly realize, understand, see, no matter how, you just start talking. A maximum of two to three sentences totaling no more than 10-15 words. How to understand what you guessed? According to the opponent - in his emotional reactions to seemingly are not significant for pronouncing the words.

This welling of tears, wondering and inexplicable tenderness, and gratitude, and the relief which is immediately evident in the changed face and posture. And most important it allows you to quickly establish contact with the client. Calling a trusting relationship in the beginning of your first meeting. Agree, it greatly simplifies the work - up trust. What from meeting to meeting, these words change. And you can say what people want to hear at every meeting.

let me Remind you it's not the words how and what to do to deal with it themselves. This will not be the words of the promise – nobody wants to hear, everyone always promise. What I want to hear all belong to the category of sincere feelings and words describing them. What we hide deep inside and protect from clumsy and rough action. Yes, so cleverly hidden that even we ourselves manage to do it. This method works himself to the man. Learn to speak to others, learn to speak yourself. Perhaps this is the only case in my practice in the beginning do not own and someone else. It's easier to learn. Yourself to understand and feel much harder than someone else. That's the way our psyche. We hear better than others than myself, and I want that to be heard as well. From being so noisy. Often go to the Creek.


Igor Eroshkin
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