We love to shop and spend money.

  • Shopping gives pleasure, relieves stress and adds to financial problems — if you're not careful using it.

Purchases are different. It is very easy to cross that invisible line beyond which instead of enhancing comfort and quality of life expenses can lead to disaster.

Buy allow us to show others your wealth, to impress them, creating the appearance of success and prosperity.

Large apartment in a prestigious area, an expensive car, tasteful closet — the whole external surroundings flatters the Ego and declares about us as well-to-do people.

However, the "look successful" and "be successful" are two big differences. Look much easier. Thus, it often happens that the "colossus stands on feet of clay" and in any, even minor shocks your coach can "turn into a pumpkin."

Sometimes you need to be able to escape from the "intoxicating" shopping, to see the truth and stop deceiving ourselves:

1) the Acquisition of things (big and small) you can do financially (if you want — "rich") man.

These people are not rich, these people are spending a lot.

2) Wealth — it is completely different. Wealth is the possession of assets that generate revenue and eventually more expensive.

unlike assets, things eventually wear out and become cheaper. Clothes, cars, apartments, etc. are not able to recoup itself and/or to generate income to its owner.

3) no One says that you need to become an Ambassador of minimalism or to lead an ascetic way of life.

it is Enough to look closely at your expenses and to conduct a small audit of their property — to make sure that buying things that add comfort in the life of my family, you don't forget to invest (introducing an additional income and financial stability).

4) the Assets, as opposed to the things that will always serve you faithfully, will "feed" your children and take care of grandchildren.


  1. Buy income, not expenses.
  2. Investor every day becoming richer, becoming poorer confessions of a Shopaholic (and is sinking deeper into debts and loans).
  3. Never too late to start buying Assets.
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Stuart McPhee
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