Today we'll focus here on what subject. On my favorite.

Our self-esteem and self-perception is directly dependent on how we think, from our thinking.

It is an idea that should not be ignored and which you should keep in mind, especially when often think that something is wrong.

actually nobody, except us, could not support the idea that:
  • We are good or bad;
  • We slow or fast;
  • We are active or lethargic;
  • We are always both happy and sad;
  • We are lonely or popular;
  • We are gregarious or confined;
  • And whatever else comes into our heads about us.
it Can be argued that we are affected by others ' ideas, but this is not true.

Yes, we hear the idea, but the last decision is up to us to accept him in my head or not, to take this idea on Board or not.

therefore, our perception and attitude depends on how we think.

therefore, when I get a customer asking to gain confidence and help them to raise self-esteem – I will talk to them about how they think, in what categories, what thoughts accompany them often. Such a detailed analysis then helps to make the right accents in the work of changing attitude.

When I say to raise self-esteem, which is below the plinth difficult to impossible – I say, you do thus, have complicated the task itself.

I can offer more quick and effective way to solve interpersonal difficulties, but only depends on the person whether he is ready to solve their problems. Many are used to think that most of the problems in this life are solved by long and tedious.

Some questions to think about for you:
  • How adequately and in accordance with your reality do you assess yourself?
  • do you Consider yourself to be the person who can quickly understand what you do not like?
  • How do you consider yourself someone who is ready for a decent price with a decent technician of a sharp turn their lives in the direction of their most cherished desires?
what kind of self esteem you give yourself? Share in the comments contact me.

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