Sometimes we try to find answers to questions about ourselves, our feelings and desires in the outside world. Tell, whether correctly I arrive? And I will like it? How I feel about you? Tell me what you are to me and what I am.

I have heard these and many other questions that were asked by the people to each other in search of himself and his feelings. They needed to be sent in to be told than to get involved in what to do and how to love. The inspiration and support they sought from outside sources: work, friends, sports, beloved, entertainment, etc. And if it fails in one of the areas depressed.

And the closest person to yourself, they didn't know at all. I did not know of their talents and opportunities, constraints and needs, passions and interests. Like their connection to the inner self was broken, and they wander in the dark looking for some light, although in their hands, a flashlight that can be enabled at any time.

What kind of life you can live in ignorance and fear to know yourself? One in which no fire of life itself, no interests, creativity, not you. The life of a robot, programmed to perform specific tasks. After all, the outside world and people will never give you what you are looking for: happiness, inner balance, of the fullness of life and much more. All this is somewhere deep within you.

Self-knowledge is like a journey. A fascinating and incredible journey to his inner world. In this way it is scary to go: what am I looking at? What if I'm actually worse than you think about yourself? And if I see its shortcomings. And these concerns are justified, you're faced with the fact that you will be unpleasant, but it is not all that you will see. What talents and other interesting and unexpected things about themselves to learn and start using it! This journey is difficult and painful, but finding yourself, you'll enjoy a life with all its colors.

Opening the door to your inner world, you will see gradually the worlds of others, their beauty and ambiguity. And standing on this path you will understand that it is not the end, you will always be where to go, what to study, what surprised.

And you're ready to look inside yourself?

Khomenko Anna
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