When I first went to a psychologist, I would imagine it works like this: across from me sits a very smart man, he taught at the Institute know all about people. This man definitely has the answers to all my questions.

I'd come in and tell "where it hurts", tell me that I am wrong and explain how to "fix".

Ahead of me were waiting for a disappointment.

it Turned out that the therapist:

    - knows me better than I myself;
    - asks questions, not gives answers;
    - not believe that with me, "something is wrong" and convinces me otherwise;
    - not trying to make me happier here and now, and sometimes sad with me;
    - in General, an ordinary man, with whom you can just talk about important things.

To a little more to understand what psychotherapy - imagine a greenhouse. It's easy for me to do because I, for one, the village a child and a greenhouse is a great place to play!

So. Seedling is a young immature plants. They some time grow in a special place. Their time watering, give additional heat, light, tie to the support, if needed. There, the plant is growing, gaining strength. And when the time comes – it can be planted in the open ground.

a Very similar way to a psychotherapy.

there is No sense to tell you what's wrong with you. You probably imagine about it many will tell.

the psychologist's Job to create particular conditions: trust, warmth and support. Creating an environment in which you will learn more about yourself.

Understand your resources, which will be able to rely on. You will see their constraints as it is important to do. Together with the therapist you are going to write a book manual on how you to be yourself.

Now some of you will say, what about the plant on the rock? It carves its path and grows unconditionally. No doubt. There are different ways.

you Choose. Alone to break through the stones of its own power, ideas, attitudes, complex feelings. Or ask for help and get the support from which you can different experience.

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