Тело после родов: страх перемен

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One of the frequent questions encountered in the practice of perinatal psychologists is the relationship of a woman with her own body. Fear of losing physical attraction in the process of pregnancy and childbirth, openly or covertly present in planning pregnancy and pregnant women. This fear sometimes reaches to such an extent that it becomes stress, leading to psychosomatic manifestations in the form of menstrual cycle disruptions, absence of ovulation or tension in sexual life.

Fear of loss of attractiveness is at the opposite pole with respect to the desire to become a mother, and the woman tormented by the thought of its implementation in the sphere of motherhood. The choice is difficult. Very often in such cases I ask my patients the question, which for them means "not to be and not to be a mother", what feelings it causes. Basically, the answers are like:

"I lack something"

"I feel hollow"

"if I don't end up implemented like a woman"

"I want someone to give my love"

"I want to care"

I propose to use the meaning of these statements as a resource for superiority in the balance of doubt in the direction of motherhood.

Yes, your body may change, but your life will be filled with love for the kid.

Yes, your body can become not so perfect as it was before birth, but you are as a woman in the key of motherhood.

At the same time, I want to note that not all of the body changes significantly and quite rare it really loses appeal after pregnancy.

Interestingly, most of the women before delivery does not suspect, what a wonderful resource lies in motherhood and birth.

When you realize that your body is able to create life, carefully cultivate it, to make the little man to light, to nurture it without any material additions, you're suddenly filled with respect for him, perfect or not, perfect or not perfect.

You are filled with such magical warmth and gratitude towards him that the changes are perceived quite differently and are accepted without conditions.

however, nobody cancelled self-care and physical attractiveness during her pregnancy and after birth. Body care with love body is able to build, extremely enjoyable. And changing the attitude with the birth of a child special the stage of self-acceptance is incredibly terapeutica.

Ekaterina Dobrynina
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