Темная сторона принятия. Или как не перегнуть палку в воспитании…


Our children are a generation that does not remember the Soviet calls for the equal of a hero of the former huge country, go through the journey of life as..., give me all the bits, TRP, etc. As we all suffered from this and wanted to be like yourself! Without norms and ideals.

the Present generation is more fluent in the thoughts, attitudes, actions. Cleverly throws a phrase: "Love me as I am or don't love at all! (Though society does not love everyone, even if they love the mother and father)" OR "it is now no one pays attention! (The question is really philosophical...)" OR "this is the age of active women, passive men! What you want, and I will! (Really happy these men and women? Question?)" "I want to be an artist (and probably die in poverty like Gauguin))) you break my life and accept for who I am!"

And we really, afraid to break the personality and individuality!

Not evident whether our society in a given period of time from one extreme to the other?


master Wang had three children : two sons and a beautiful daughter.

When they grew up they came to their father and each asked him for strange.

the Eldest son said, "Dad, I know you wanted to pursue your business, got married, but I think I'm different. I'll never be a wizard, and I don't like women, I love my friend."

Then came the middle son: "Daddy, I know you always wanted me to become a soldier, but I'm a pacifist. I'm not going to fight, I want that we were taken to the home of my beloved pig. We will be with him to live in one room, and there is only vegetarian food. I spend my life in philosophical discussions and reflections about the meaning of life."

behind him came his favorite, the beautiful daughter: "Dad, I don't want to get married. I decided to be childfree. I will make a stunning career, and when you're old, I'll buy you a rocking chair, placed in the most expensive nursing home and I visit every week.

Mr. Wang thought that he is not the enemy of his children, not a medieval savage, and his beloved sons and daughter of persons who have the right to decide their own fate because they like it.

it's been 15 years...

the First son of master Wang became ill and died from AIDS.

the Second son took to drink and was lying all day in the filth of pigs in the barn, and sometimes still reading philosophical books.

Beloved daughter got married, opened a business. First well up. But then the old husband she was tired. She married young Lovelace, who soon forged her signature and transferred all the money into their accounts and disappeared.

Broken and disappointed in life she returned to her father's house.

Dejected, the Wang went for advice to best friend, who lived in another village, and whose van was not for several years.

And what he saw.

His friend sits in a landscaped gazebo, his hostess's daughter bringing him a favorite wine, and in the yard chasing arava grandchildren.

"what about your sons?", asked Wang.

"the Eldest son to continue my business, married the daughter of a judge. They also have a house and kids. And the middle son became a soldier, rose to high rank, people respect him and scares the enemy."

"But do you have kids in your youth the boys played the fool and did not ask for anything strange."

"of Course requested! I took in an old barn and said who's going to be a mess, knows the magic a sobering shovels!"

Conclusions let everyone make HIMSELF!

I wish You Wisdom in raising Your children!


Musayelyan Elena
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