Темп - наш современный чародей


Factor which determines the taste of life is pace. Remember the song: "Life, you're difficult, you're faster. The pace of our modern magician". The chorus: "faster and faster... time is Racing faster and faster. Time stress and passion is racing faster and faster".

But really rushes faster. But we do not notice. Used. Since the release of this song (80 years) became more motives to increase the speed and capability to do it.

Look at your to-do list in mobile. Available anywhere. Syncs with your other devices. After I finished one thing, you should see what to do next.

Remember how loyal this strategy. It seems the list was constantly before my eyes. The arm was made, is made. The sense of achievement, and sometimes relief that it's done, all. And there is some sort of living delight, a sense of movement, of progress.

Fast paced is a socially supported behavior. To be in business - it's the opposite of idleness. The concept of a business man, a good worker, and include appropriate speed and pace. Even companies now are recognized as successful are those that are faster than others.

the Pace increases and the person is a man. Together with the speed of life a man begins to lose its meaningfulness of deliberation. At the peak of temp employees can only perform a programme of action with minimum possibility of its management. And in this sense it begins to resemble the mechanism of the robot. And well that if this program is thought out. Well if this program corresponds to conditions of activity. And if not?

Then error. Moreover, if the corner again to put the temp - a newly created behavioral program at risk again of losing the adequacy conditions. Then the accumulation of errors. And it will agree, gives a very is not acceptable the taste of life.

the Habit to do everything as quickly as possible, saving every minute is stressful haste. Faced with emotional stress. Therefore about any prolonged maintenance of this state of the question. People often sometimes do not know what he was willing to spend the savings due to the rush time. Then why?

In my experience, the fast pace was "but". The more I focused on their tasks more clearly aware of the disappearance. Some part of the world, and maybe the whole world - sometimes became non-existent. And it was impossible to enjoy the sunset, good evening, the noise of the leaves of trees. Even your own thoughts sometimes turned to the intruders. They prevented the case!

But even more frustrating was having later. Now looking through their lists yesterday of Affairs where there are ticks, crossed the line. I can't feel feelings any acquisition or purchase. Only mentally aware of what it should have done, I did it and that was all right. I confess that I as a psychologist to link this feeling to your experience - not so difficult. But the question arises - what to do? What do you think about this?

Prosvirkin Oleg
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