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I Think the topic is potentially interesting to many, as some glimpses permeates the total reality, and anyway applies to everyone. The situation given in the article, reflects the collective image, and is given to reading after a collective analysis in the supervisors group.
Alexander, a successful businessman, 32 years, came to me with the following request: "to understand the repetitive life scenarios of marital relations in which his lady suddenly opened itself unseemly side, developing interpersonal conflicts, and bringing the Union strength, it does not meet the expectations, rituals and aspirations of Alexander and inconsistent with classical ideas about romantic relationships in the pair".

During its history, Alexander was thrice married, and each of the wives in the premarital period of time, "blossomed a bright flower" married "revealed poisonous and bitter plant." And it's not a beautiful allegory, and the true reality of the individual.

Notable in all this is that Alexander in the classic sense of the word was and is a standard boy, a kind of demigod. He's handsome and attractive, very educated, intelligent, respectable and successful. His position in society and his position for many of his peers – the top dreams of.

In their chosen (ex-wives), Alexander was in love, in every relationship invested seriously to the beloved women were attentive – just doted, and their catch was not expected. However, with each of the chosen, after a short great time, started the same: first the minor quibbles, then, unjustified resentment, stringent, frequent quarrels, followed by the regular scandals and... a miserable life of mental survival.

If you go into the childhood of Alexander you can see the following. Happy family. Successful and busy parents. Demanding father, demanding mother, he is Alexander, who tried to fail, to comply with and be best: first at school, then in high school, and later in graduate school, then – in the firm, and in General – life in General, everywhere, everywhere... Trying to be and-and-and... he was... Really, time... In his piggy Bank: gold medals, honors, research thesis etc., and so on...

what about personal? Why suffer this important area of life? What is unconsciously carried out in close relationship with women? What's the solution?
And the answer is, as usual, on the surface... But it is so significant and useful for the common understanding that it therefore started a specific article. So, to business...
the Answer is, in fact, that having in her childhood gold requirement for the best performance ritual (of being imperfect in the family of Alexander strictly forbidden, he must be the best, to get to the height) the guy successfully implement this basic, primary Testament, reaching social heights. What's wrong, You ask? Let's see... let's Continue...

so listen up, dear friends... Put the story on pause and slightly digress...

Think about it, any live matrix involves the integrity of various associations, including the polar value: seasonal includes summer and winter daily, day and night, moral good and evil, watercolor, black and white, and so on... What to do the earth, the ordinary person, which is forbidden to be alive and be punished glossy, the ideal in the real, human world? Guess?!...
to Place their "eglenceyi the beginning of the" close partner, complementing their spiritual integrity. Finding yourself on the opposite value (a"perfect Heaven" – a kind of "witches"), thereby restoring its one-sided, defective matrix to a whole, complete and unified.

In an indirect, disguised way, unconscious of the elections, a man tackles a very important, essential problem.

Live the identity, where the young man – is what it is, a real, not glossy it is forbidden, then the event history of his psychological election will return him off, part of the mental content differently.

In my opinion, brilliantly solved the mystery, expertly executed by a team of supervisors supervisorship our group. And because it is something very General and speaks in the soul of each, and therefore are useful for our mutual understanding, I have prepared this material to be read.

these are the games of the unconscious are implemented by us in our everyday, the human field. And it's about the fact that our every choice, every meeting, every relationship and event is not a punishment of God, and the Providence of the soul, you want to explore, understand and heal – not superficial, and deep.
And that, in fact, that often what we swear how evil his real life, just missed us shadow part of our personality that is useful to learn to understand and accept, agreeing on the General.
Blishchenko Alena
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