Тени прошлых отношений...

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his Every word echoed a dull pain in my heart.

Svetlana got the impression that she was re-acquainted with his son. After he married their relationship has changed dramatically.

He claims drove her to feelings of guilt and confusion. A wave of resentment, pain, helplessness was covered from her head and flowed down her cheeks the bitter tears.

She did not know the son, or rather learned, but not his, but his father in him.

it has been 20 years since she left him -- Or even escape from humiliation and of powerlessness to nowhere, just to maintain its human dignity.

had He just took the son away and expect to crawl.

Her mother's heart was torn to pieces, but had nowhere to retreat.
we had to start a new life, independently establishing an income and making your life, to be able to get my son back.

she was not afraid. Her in whatever was necessary to survive and recover from this breakup. Day and night the thoughts flew to the mother the child...
Like it? What's wrong with him?

This bleeding wound haunted and hurry, hurry...

a Dream to take his son gave them strength, and Svetlana all their efforts put to earn a decent money.

Many things had to go through, and wandered in the friends until it was their homes and work for peanuts to gain experience.

Save on everything to stay afloat and not to collect debts.
Lived with a split in half heart. Rare meeting with a child brought moments of joy with poisonous tastes like guilt.

a year later came the realization that the former will never agree to give up the son... His business allows him to provide a comfortable life and this iron argument will outweigh any legal dispute.

it will be better for all.

time Passed, the son went to College.
Svetlana have found a shelter, to establish her career in a successful company. Personal life she was not satisfied, too much pain left from the first experience.

in spite of all circumstances she was able to build a warm relationship with grown-up son. Now they were free to chat, she was happy to support him.

She wanted to catch up and to make up for what failed to give before. Now he started a family and gave her one after the two grandchildren!

All my unspent motherly love Svetlana was able to give these restless kids.

She had few months to leave their business and to raise grandchildren while young worked.

And now all the pain of her divorce surfaced through relationships with for adults son.

All superseded, hidden, suppressed as if alive, like a dormant volcano and burned fiery lava of feelings.

So we come back to past relationships, even if we "deleted" and tried to forget how terrible dream.

All who have caused us pain, who momentous impact on our lives are connected to us by invisible threads, and this bond may not cancel neither the distance nor the time, nor even death itself.

So what to do if we feel connected with something or someone, and the circumstances suggest that it is time to move on, need to make room for the new.

How to get rid of the pain of parting and open a new a harmonious relationship?

all of this will be discussed on my one - day training "Women's happiness with a clean slate."

there Will be a minimum of theory and a lot of practice.
You will be able to diagnose what kind of connection still remained between You and Your partner after a breakup.

Get the practical tools to complete the relationship below:
• to find the strength to move on, to find new meaning and new purpose;
• change your life, overcoming the crisis of parting;
• learn how to use the available resources for the development of relations.

If You find this topic relevant – and I write in a personal message will report all the details.

With respect to Your experience and faith in Your Strength.

Inna Nowicki
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