Теория любви и ненависти


just Yesterday I heard a crazy theory about love and of course, can not she is not with You to share.
This is the case, when you feel like you've heard it before, but in fact did not know. It turns out that analogy is still not performed, or may performed, but not written. Maybe written, but the author not read about it. br>
This theory is when something magically settled in the mind of the talented Director Sergey Lvov what is it with me and shared. br>
Everyone knows the symbol of male and female unity of Yin and Yang, I by the way really like.
he gave insights on this matter and compared it with such feelings as love and hate. br>
Let's imagine that the white component is love, black is hate. Move away from the classic interpretation of male and female unity. The theory of love for her, has no relation. br>
Love begins to emerge in our soul, each time becoming stronger and stronger, respectively, the line starts to expand.
where loop white reaches its peak, tells us that love has reached its maximum. It was at this moment at its peak as it begins to emerge hatred. It would seem strange and why? If love be at its peak, how can we hate? br>
What's happening to us in love. We are self-centered and want the world revolved around us. The more grows our love, the more we want to absorb and subdue his partner, from him to demand something and expect. br>
Naturally, the partner is feeling the pressure, begins to resist, thus causing us discontent. That's the way and starts to quietly develop hatred. br>
conversely, in the presence of overwhelming feelings of hatred, quietly emerging love. All that makes us a storm of emotions and excites us, cannot but worry, and then gradually we begin to become captivated by. br>
We begin to carefully study this and to see the interest. Hence the explanation for the fact that from hatred to love one step.
We often see in life, such examples, when people hated each other and eventually formed one of the strongest pairs. br>
This phenomenon is of constant recurrence, we love, we hate.
Our relationship and walk in a circle. br>
the Only thing this theory does not apply so it is in love.
as in the state of love we cease to be selfish and the whole world is ready to put at the feet of the beloved. In this condition, a theory can not be hatred. br>
But as they say love, it changed the human condition. From here the expression:
pink sunglasses
- man, as a substitute,
- drugged consciousness, etc.
When the infatuation passes and the scales fall, then us starts the cycle of love and hate. br>
— And that we all go around in circles? Asked me.
- No, said Sergey, unfortunately this can be destroyed.
- What? Breathlessly asked me.
- Indifference, quietly replied Sergei.

Exactly where indifference live, die and love and hate. All the balance wheel is destroyed. Therefore, don't be afraid to show feeling, fear of indifference in interactions with a partner. br>
Amazing theory that has no place to be, and which reverberated in my soul, I hope she will find it in your.

Ivanova Olga
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