Терапевтическая сказка. Тело дается, как бонус к голове.


life is a big jumble of colored threads-one thread is wound correctly, exactly..and who just confusion, sometimes it is useful to begin to unravel the ball, pull the right thread, or maybe several threads and start reeling right tangle. Then everything falls into place, you just need to want it.

One day a woman came to the sage and asks: "Tell me master, why one of this all: to be slim, funny, and poised, to have a loving husband and obedient children, and I have all not as people?". "I do not quite understand the question - answered the sage, let's all in order."

You've always been such a fat, gelatinous woman? A woman, because IT is a beautiful word "woman" is not called. Heavy step, bulky when falling backwards in a chair, shortness of breath with slight rise, even on the 2nd floor.

Sadly, no, it's even anger at yourself, then what why is this. Angry, not joy and fun, as much hate everything!!! Just the word across – and to bite.

the Husband shies away from me, once again kind words will not say, proximity is long gone, he does not like me.

the Children, no respect, help them not to wait, learn so-so, one phone and partying on the mind.


"Yes, it really is a sad existence, no warmth, kindness, positivity and harmony in life" - said the sage. "What do you want to start, you need to prioritize?"

"I don't know, it's bad, lump."

"I am about this, you need to start to unravel, I'll help you choose one desire, which will help you to be happy and get on with my life, where to go?"

.... "I want to be slim!"

"I'll fulfill your wish, you'll be slim one day, and if you can be happy in this body and continue to promote your tangle of problems, the harmony I'm not going to take, and if then everything will be back on."


the morning Comes, the husband hurriedly going to work, faster to run, and now begins a morning concert, the children sleep, since small till the morning sitting on the Internet, and the eldest recently came out of the club. Baba jumped out of bed stepping on a cat, the squealing jumped out in a corridor and do not fit into the twist – her husband by surprise, startled, spilled coffee on my pants. "Children, Wake up, we overslept!!!", the room groaned "you overslept, we do not care, I do today for the 3rd lesson." Closed in the bathroom, shower had no time to make, only to quickly brush my teeth. The door is knocking "Soon there there is already a queue". Knocked down son, got a compliment that like a tank went through it. Daughter in the door already, asking for money for a teacher, husband was running in his underpants, looking for jeans, they are not ironed lying in a pile of Laundry. Angry, mumbling that there was no mistress in the house. Getting into the kitchen, the oven filled coffee.. full sink of dirty dishes – yesterday I forgot to wash, and others have no conscience. Early morning – I'm already mad, already painted do not have time, wearing last night's outfit, on the door hung. It is necessary to eat, boutique with sausage, not two, and it is not known when lunch will be. Husband is in the header is, as always hisses: "You are a long time to dig you, you wait or you'll get". GO! The whole day is messed up, well at least two boutiques on the way down, all the way listening to "mumble-mumble" husband, so late, still being pushed by the shed. Office just coffee and cake – thank God today's the accountant's birthday, and no one noticed my tardiness, once the threshold piece lectured-was dropped for a gift! Colleague in the office also were dropped, but she became ill, her piece gave me - just says pass or for the health eat. A day called homeroom teacher's son, was interested in why the last week of lessons no walks. The husband of my texts not answered, once he support me and he doesn't know where son is. Went to VC, in the news videos on the pages daughter as they at the club last night were wild. Kapets. Going home now just going to shred!!! Bus in traffic stood for hours, the man in the seat next to breathing fumes, bastard, bastard ..her husband that she drove me to work once today. Came home, the cat shouts, asks to eat. Forgot to buy him food, I call my husband, son, daughter – don't shoot, no way she will not go to the store, already undressed. Dinner won't cook themselves even though that would do, just sit and drive. Hate as much as everyone, drink can? Have in the fridge 200 g of cognac or whatever, it is still a tincture or something. Bread, sausage, tincture – fu, a little released. Though cook pasta, AND THEN will COME the SWALLOW. Lie down quietly while no one will look Malakhov, again, "the dirty linen is washed – what is life." Pasta ready and all of THEM no. Well, suit yourself, at least have dinner. Macaroni and cheese Italian pasta direct, but still sausage it is necessary, and how it is not like human beings. The son appeared, realized that it would be a serious conversation – "I sleep, mA, test tomorrow". Then my husband came out of the bath you see. The daughter was distraught and immediately warned that it is not in the spirit, and headache. Husband cooked his dinner, cut vegetable salad (at night not want to eat (and my pasta not even touched. I defiantly put the whole plate and let the sausage to play. He's looking at me threw: "What a difficult day it was?". "No, as always, that didn't answer the calls?", "Worked, was dog-tired, I sleep". "Me too, wash dishes tomorrow...". I fell asleep quickly that night, like a bolt from the sky!

"I have fulfilled your desire, you were slim , but were you happy in that body, did you start to promote your tangle problems...NO... it's back."

Oh, God, I didn't even notice that the whole day was slender!!!!

"the Body is given as a bonus to the head, so that they begin to spin a ball with his head, the woman, everything else will fit!" - said the sage.

I woke up in a sweat, and my husband says that in a dream I was screaming. Tried to sleep, but...everyone thought over what I had a dream, a delusion, although it may be a prophetic dream. Give the body to the head, but I'm hungry and it's stomach, and he in the body, then the head is all fine...went to the kitchen, put the kettle on, got the bread pudding on an empty stomach can not sleep))).

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