Терапевтические группы

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the Group that I go to myself - to learn, to therapeutants, get supervision is not just not a simple group.

Some openly checking me on my stamina by asking me the most difficult questions, pushing me forehead-to-forehead with the most difficult task of my life made along the way to experience feelings.

Sometimes I think that it is life itself to me knocking and checks - not stagnant if I

do not forget that it is time to go further.

If someone thinks that group therapy is the easy solution of perennial problems of life, you will find a great disappointment which will have to go through or to fold the bag in addition to accumulated unlived stresses.

On groups regularly have to face (I wish it was not!) to something terrible in itself - some neediness, vulnerability, dependence on something, someone, a long time a tendency to worry and to hang in some feelings.

you Have to see something equally disgusting, not pleasant people - like the fact that people might not be interested in you, they can hang in something else , something too painful to relive (often support). you
Have to face their own loneliness, anger from a misunderstanding, irritation on the difference, the anger from the inability to see each other, when they are on different sides of the river, resentment at the harshness of the people when want warmth and sympathetic support.
And it's just not at the same time, we have to see other people.

And it also supports - I'm not the only one. We are all creatures experiencing.

there Are other spots in the group process. When to see each other succeed, when someone is very in tune with you, when unexpectedly you hear a word or something along those lines said or that look that touches you to the depths and solitude retreats, a feeling of separation, of jointness excitement, warmth disperses throughout the body.

and So it is also possible the separation is sometimes possible.

And you never know which way will take you to the river group processes. You're on the crest of a wave and all so excited and happy, then suddenly find themselves clinging to a snag in the midst of the maelstrom and trying to get out of this horror and fear on dry land.

In General, all as in life. You on horseback, you're.. not on a horse.

a Group experience not only releases large amounts of energy experiences and allows you to deal with it,
he also tempers (there is a feeling that I can handle this)
often sobering (so that's how I am, how I react, what I want)

makes it easier to see other people, their reactions, how they build relationships, what is important to them and what they live and this is often impressive and supports the right to its uniqueness and gives a sense of freedom.

I Think deep down it is for her, remember her, right at her, and a feeling of high concentration of life I go to group.

And you?

(C)Alena Shvets

Alena Shvets
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