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the article "a Feeling of inner emptiness is a sign of narcissism" we talked about the fact that narcissistic personality disturbed identity formation. She feels alternately grandiose, helpless victim. It seems that they are constantly in a state of self-affirmation. It is difficult to answer the question "Who am I?" Their identity crisis can last a lifetime.

If you detect the signs of narcissism, don't worry! an Easy form is well adjusted. You need to return itself to a more realistic image of himself.

Do this exercise:

write your strengths. Then weaknesses. Think about what prevents you to accept weak sides of his personality? Next, write your opportunities. what you do not know, do not know, but it is possible to master. If you really want to do it? Or are you someone compete? Map out a plan of realization of their own potential. Now write your limits. This is something that you would like to do, but you'll never be able to force any reasons. Be sad about it.
More interesting jobs you can find in the book "How to increase self-esteem. Simple steps to confidence and success."

About judging others

Often narcissistic people are critical of others. Discuss them and gossip. It is believed that all that we see in other people, there is in us. Sometimes it's hard to accept. Because, as a rule, a trait that we criticize, is beyond our consciousness. This is something that we are not aware of. Try to understand how this trait manifests in your life. Ask loved ones. Do you have one? Why is it so irritates you in others? Something to think about...

About the comparison and competition

there will Always be people who have something better than you. Also there are people who do not know how to do what you do. We are different! Why compare yourself with others? You can listen to yourself to understand what I really need and important. And if you want to compare, then compare yourself with yourself in a different time period. A year ago, ten years ago. What were you?

Contact a specialist

Self-help is nice, but sometimes it is better to consult a specialist – psychologist or psychotherapist. A professional will help you to see something most difficult to do. He will accompany you in the process of self-discovery. With a specialist you save and faster to become a happy person.
the Next section of this article may be useful for psychologists and psychotherapists.

how to request appeal of narcissistic people to a psychologist?

Often it's complaints of a feeling of meaninglessness and emptiness in life. There is no taste for life. The desire to understand themselves. Thus, what exactly you want to change the client may not understand.

With such clients long enough formed a therapeutic Alliance. Them are difficult to trust and to sustain emotional intimacy. Therapy can turn into a narcissistic show, in which the therapist becomes another source of narcissistic supply for emotionally hungry narcissist. This refers to the situation where Narcissus "bears" on the therapy of your new achievements and victories and craves approval and admiration.

if Possible psychotherapy with narcissistic personality?

once the trust is formed and the long-awaited moment: you can begin the real work. But no! Narcissus leaves the therapy! Leaving the psychologist in disbelief. What is the reason?

With the competition. Narcisse understands that the specialist can do to help him. This means that "he is better than me." This is for Narcissus unbearable! After all, he needs to Shine! It must be the best in all matters!

If, however, the narcissist stays in therapy, he'll have to sacrifice his Grand part. The part of personality that is the basis, the Foundation of a narcissistic nature. And it is not easy. Then you will need to go to wounded the offended part and work with it in vein therapy injuries. To lament a situation where it was unbearable pain. So return the rejected fragments of personality. the Person becomes more alive human and begins to accept themselves and others more relaxed and realistic. The process is long, but reliable.
Described is suitable for the lung manifestations of narcissism in personality when a person is able to critically assess themselves and is in contact with reality. If is a primitive form of narcissism, narcissistic personality disorder, the person is unlikely to come for psychotherapy. It's all good! And the fact that others it is bad, that is their problem. "Take me as I am!" That's it!

More articles about narcissism not: www.narcissism.ru

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