Терапия семьи

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What is family therapy? For the professional is one of the types of psychological care for the client - often a very mysterious event.

I warmly refer to family therapy. When all family members are included in the work is always very helpful and often very effective. Grateful to their customers-the families for their bravery, courage and responsibility every time to come together and work on the problem.
For those who are still thinking about this kind of therapy is my short article

the Family is the Union of two or more people. A very interesting organism to work hard and at the same time very interesting. Here is the moment where we still have to drop, that's where to raise the alarm, that's where to support, here together to be silent to be born honest and true answer. Constant dynamics, naiively, sometimes exciting process.

Traditionally, one wants to re-educate another. Dad, son, wife, husband, mother-in-law daughter-in-law, mother-in-law son-in-law. Guided by what? I know how to ready all around the that knowledge to bring happiness. Just happy somehow, no one gets. Man becomes either sad or hurt, or maliciously. Talking to a psychologist, leads all naughty with me, with the hope that maybe at least the psychologist will explain that here it is happiness that you don't use? The psychologist takes the position warm neutrality, the anxiety increases, the uncertainty also means work has begun.

the Path of a series of meetings with breaks for life and awareness, which, ideally, people come to understanding: "If I love another person, I feel unity with him, the way he is, and not what I wanted". (Erich Fromm)

And then the desire to re-change to the desire to understand, to accept, to find a new shared meanings and more adaptive forms of communication.

the Family psychologist Alexander Gamero

PS. A minute of professional humor:

- When you think, you can go for couples therapy? - asked well-known family therapist.

When at Breakfast, the husband says, "Coffee is disgusting!" ... and both know what we are talking about the coffee.

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