Теряюсь в обществе с мужчинами. Как быть любовнице? Как повысить самооценку и уверенность в себе?


My client from Moscow, a girl, a little the age of thirty. The idea is: what's to lose? Surely men, and by that age should have to study everything, but it turned out that everything is not so simple.

Client would now like to collect itself (her words), and to eliminate the obstacles (of doubt and perplexity). As she says, the relationship is not working. Sometimes the girl runs away from interactions saying, "I'm sorry", because she is scared.

I Must say that this was the second reception. At first we spent part of it with negative depression. Then she chose not to touch on the topic of relationships and sex, and just poured my heart out, with tears.

Today, the client said that it was easier, but now she already wants to move in a different direction. Here I got the following: for about six months, she is the mistress of his boss. Of course, the man is married and the subject of divorce, like, not planned. But, somehow, he asked her: "what do you want from our relationship?"

it All sounded somewhat ambivalent. In part, it talked about some discomfort in the relationship with my wife, and probably, somewhere, had a faint chance for divorce and a new profound relationship with my client from Moscow.

Then she did not continue the conversation on this topic, embarrassed. But now, all of this bothered her, somewhere, she thought she had missed its opportunity, and waited for the development of the topic on the part of the lover, and now he was silent. The relationship was not as frequent as I would like. He did not try particularly to get close, I kept my distance, but for women, the lack of understanding is the worst. If we take the men, then the focus will be mainly on the situation (comfortable or not), and then love. Women, on the contrary emotions, and I want to know everything clearly in advance.

Here, again, we had to resolve this perplexity. I, as a psychologist-sexologist explained to the client that we can't get into the thought men, and learn his true plans. Now the girl is important to understand yourself and change your condition.

Man in this situation pretty good. Here his main goal is to get away from his wife and not to be caught, and not to become attached excessively to his mistress.

And what about the mistress? - Now we have reached what should be the courage to speak openly on this subject. My client from Moscow, loses its energy, and years go by. She doesn't know what lies ahead.

To do this, we began to harmonize its internal state, and make her more confident, creating a willingness for dialogue. Along the way, we removed her nagruzhennosti about the fact that she did not like it ("find 1000 reasons why I don't like), removed the load, instead of added lightness.

also Removed the complexes, jealousy and doubt. This has been due to the fact that: "I'm not good enough at sex". The girl assumed that his wife is there, perhaps, brighter.

In this situation we can argue that because he found a mistress and the wife at home, thinking on the farm, therefore, two chairs on which sits a man would be: the wife, the life, the mistress of sex, romance, love, etc. If it was all bad sex, it is likely that the man would have changed the mistress.

That's such a difficult mental work plan me as a psychologist, psychotherapist and sexologist, was held.

That's not all. Free from painful thoughts in the head, my client from Moscow, began to go more positive and bright thoughts. Now a girl needs some time to think and decide for yourself: how it intends to proceed.

P. S. This article is fictional and real characters is irrelevant. #sexologically #anorgasmia #vaginismus #seksologov #frigidity

Afanasyev Lily
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