Тесс Холлидей на обложке – бодипозитив или пропаганда ожирения?

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British Cosmopolitan chose Tess Holliday, the famous American oversized model, the face of the October issue. This is certainly a victory, the recognition that women weighing over 55 kg not simply exist, but also work in the fashion sphere.

But let's get the better of tears of joy and try to figure out what actually makes the Shine.

Tess Holliday is not just a plus size model, and even plus plus size is people with obesity. Model plus another person if you want. The weight 150 or 155 kg with height 165 cm – weight of two people is not slender physique. And Yes, the word "obesity" exists in the same way as the people living them.

If we decided to give green light to all human characteristics, let's not be avoided and words that define them.

the Emergence of such models as Tess is very natural for US, where, according to statistics, obese 40% of the population. This figure increased by 33% over the last 15 years. And the most disturbing for me that in the age group of 2 to 19 years among children and adolescents, thick and too thick at 18.5 per cent.

of Course, you will object that the obese do not suffer, they enjoy. It shows the luster Tess Holliday. From all sides happy wife and mother of two children. And even on the cover of Cosmo she invites all haters to kiss her ass. And her followers on FB offer to shut up those who stutter on the health problems. But there are problems.

If you extend their interests beyond the gloss, you can watch a good movie "the Hairdresser" Die Friseuse (2010, Germany).

In it the Germans with all their inherent naturalism show the lives of ordinary women who have the obesity. She is not suffering — she just lives. Moreover, trying to find a job as a hairdresser in a beauty salon. Although faced discrimination because her whole appearance offends "fairies" and "goddesses," operating in them.

In the film we see what you do not want to see the gloss and tells Tess Holliday is a woman with obesity rises every morning out of bed, clinging to the rope, which is mounted in the wall opposite. Because the spine can't withstand the movement of this mass from horizontal to vertical and back. How limited sex life because many poses are simply not available because of this mass. How hard it is to walk, especially up stairs, because that shortness of breath, and joints.

So that obesity is it a disease. And Yes, there are people suffering from it as any other disease. For the United States, for example, it becomes more of a problem than AIDS or cancer. But, what makes the gloss? Instead pay attention to the reasons, namely, for food that kills is the second or third generation Americans, they put over size models and say: "This bodypositive, be fat, you're beautiful." Although food is the factor that caused the problem.

once the American women said, "We are no longer slaves of the kitchen, we're not going to cook." A normal desire to expand the scope of vital interests picked up by marketers, realizing that the finished food and semi-finished products will bring fabulous profits because people still always there. And now one of my American friend proudly tells that he no longer cooks the broth for soup or sauce. Because it buys ready in a plastic bag. Also can choose the percentage of fat and type of meat from which it is made. But how much meat in this soup, if kept it 12 months and what else is there? However, as in the milk with strawberry or banana. Or a frozen pizza.

But Tess Holliday in his interview says about the food — she tells him about the rape that has become a trend. No, as a psychologist, I am well aware of how much violence exists in society really is and how much it is ignored. And very sorry for all somehow survived it. But when every (every!) celebrity suddenly starts to pull out of his distant past episode of sexual violence, and a perfect two times one and the same person, I just don't believe, sorry. All this is reminiscent of some materskou the company against the men.

European gloss is also disingenuous. He shows us Tess Holliday with all of its 155 kg, as if to say: "Love yourself and enjoy", but forgets to mention that if you walk around to the mass-market, then find the sizes above L will be very problematic.

At least for me it was always a problem to bring as a gift to the girlfriend size XL, some fashionable and lovely clothes. They are simply not. Some brands of XL size can still be found, but the number of models and styles radically different from the traditional three S, M, L. wear for a full still displayed in a separate segment.

And the names of these shops, at least our kind of "hero", "boyar", "Grand madame" discourages them to go. So why complete women can look at Tess Holliday, but I can't dress in a normal shop?

But the real bodypositive will start then. When beauty ceases to associate with the appearance. Any. And the criteria that define it, will be health, good nutrition, reasonable physical activity, mood and people who surround you. And in positive gusts of gloss, in that it expands your horizons, and not impose on us a different extreme, I believe, when the covers there will appear a model with vitiligo, alopecia areata, an amputee just given birth and nursing mothers, models of the age 65+ and many others.

And the fact that society has changed, I'll believe that when women breast-feeding babies in public places will cease to anathematize, and to encourage them to hide behind. And it is better to disappear.

If we admire all 155 kg Tess Holliday, why 50% of companies are still offended by mothers breastfeeding a child? And mothers who decided to keep a special child, look either like fools or as martyrs?

Let's avoid double standards and to accept everyone — fat, thin, married, single, white, black, high, low, gray – different, diverse and varied. Tolerance will be a real victory bodypositive, when for each there is a place under the sun.

Author: Elena Sundra

SOURCE: women's magazine LISA

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Elena Sundra
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