Тест "Два круга"


Conflicts, quarrels in the family, destroying relationships and threatening to finally cause a rupture. The cause of many problems between the spouses, can be seen in the discrepancy of their stages of development, which is manifested in the alternation of conflicts and reconciliations. Recall that these four stages, symbiosis, return to their individual stage of action, return to location. Let's define at what stage you are "stuck". For starters I suggest you take the test "Two rounds".

Test "Two circles"

Imagine two circles. They can be the same size or different. Position them relative to each other as you want. There may be several options. Draw these options.

Interpretation test

This test helps to determine what is your relationship with the husband during marriage, and at what stage of the development of relations they are. Pay attention to the option that you drew first.

Any relationship is a set of spheres of life in which people enter or not enter into a contact as a result of their individual differences. Here the area of overlap of the two circles represent the spheres of life in which the spouses have common interests, goals or spiritual aspirations. Non-overlapping regions represent areas of life that give rise to individual differences. The overlapping area of the can be more or less. Thus, we can see where in a couple's life more common, and where less.

You must understand that one test it is impossible to make accurate conclusions. Check me on the page, the theme will continue.

Two circles slightly overlapping each other (like rings Bridal)

This is a perfect relationship where there are common interests, and understanding that each spouse's personality. Relationships filled with intimacy and love. The prevailing understanding, support each other You are able to calmly solve their problems.

Near, but separately.

As you can see, there is no region of overlap of two circles, but only the non-overlapping region. This model of the relationship indicates that in life nothing in common. Most likely, you pass the third stage of couple relationships, which is inherent in the socialization of each spouse. This is a very difficult stage, when it seems that love has passed, no emotional connection.

One circle is inside the other.

You are stuck at the stage of symbiosis. This model of the relationship between the ideal of many women. But this model of marriage has a lot of problems. Contained is depending on containing and lives within their marriage, there is no binding interests outside of the marriage. Containing have the feeling that it is out of wedlock, and this leads to infidelity.

You must understand that one test it is impossible to make accurate conclusions. Check me on the page, the theme will continue.

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